Isabelle Brennan

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Age: 21

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Do not wake a sleeping tiger!

Brennan Isabelle (Isabelle Brennan) - Student University College London (University College London), in 2013 she was 19 years, and together with her sister and a friend she was vacationing in Thailand (Thailand). One day, the tourists went on a trip to Thailand a very popular place - the monastery Tiger Temple sanctuary, where the monks keep the tigers. For tourists there are allowed to not only enjoy the tigers, but also to stroke the sleeping beauties, as well as to be photographed while sleeping tiger. It is for this - pet tiger and take a photo - Isabel and stepped into the cage. In the picture, where Isabel stroked beautiful tiger imposingly sprawled on the ground, she smiles serenely, still not knowing what the next moment will be attacked.

So, until the girl carefully posed and looked into the lens, it suddenly jumped sideways another tiger, immediately clutching his teeth into his thigh unfortunate Isabel. I do not want to think what could make 180-pound animal with a woman, if not instant reaction zoo workers, as well as her sister and a friend.

Thus, workers monks dragged the tiger, and his sister and their companion Isabelle quickly dragged to safety. She was in shock - at first she felt a severe pain in his leg, but when she looked at her leg, she was quite bad - there was a mangled mess. However, the reaction of friends Isabelle admirable - they immediately gave her first aid and stopped the bleeding. Even then the girl was taken to hospital in the Thai Kanchanaburi Memorial Hospital, where her wound stitches. Two weeks in a Thai hospital stretched for Isabelle incredibly long time, and she was just happy to get back home to Britain.

She had to spend eight weeks in the hospital his home town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire (Harrogate, North Yorkshire), and at the foot of her left great scars.

Today Isabelle laughs and recalls the case easily, and even scars, disfiguring her leg, she perceives as a memory of a fun trip to exotic Thailand.

Mother Isabel Margaret Brennan (Margaret Brennan), recalls that when the house phone rang and she heard the voice of a friend of her daughters, she knew immediately that something unexpected happened. And when he began to deliberately cheerful voice: `First, Isabelle poryadke` in all, it has no doubt that there was trouble. However, it was still very difficult to perceive the information that Isabel tiger attacked.

Older sister with a laugh remembering that half a year saved for the trip money, and in the first week of your stay at Isabel tiger attacked. And the girls are surprised that the zoo workers so sincerely believe in their pets - all visitors are assured that the animals tamed a hundred percent, and no danger from them is not. Alas, in the case of Isabel everything it was not so smooth.

Today Isabelle realizes that she was very lucky, because it could lose a leg, or even die entirely in the aviary. And she said that all the costs of the treatment and to the rest took over the leadership of the zoo, and also visited her every day in the hospital representatives park. Isabelle laughs - workers even tried to convince her that a tiger on it is not attacked, but simply was in a playful mood. Of course, Isabelle saw in their own skin, which leads to `playful nastroenie` 180-pound tiger. It warns all tourists who visit the attractions with animals - do not believe everything you hear, to listen better sense - a wild animal is always wild animals, unpredictable and dangerous, and it does not matter what they say and think about it people.