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Date of Birth: 06/18/1952

Age: 64

Place of birth: Rome

Citizenship: Italy

Italian passion in the life of Isabella Rossellini

Author: Elena Tsymbal

Website: Celebrities

When you see on the screen or poster Isabella Rossellini, just remember the wise saying: "Do not born beautiful, and born happy." After all, it would seem, that`s really not cheated whom nature beauty: delicate oval face, big soft blue-green eyes, flexible, elegant, very feminine figure, long slender legs, an extraordinary, almost feline grace in his movements. And to all this: the mind, temperament, strong character and kind, sympathetic heart. And yet, from the height of past years Isabella recognizes with regret that I did very little adequate to their inclinations. She was not any great actress or a popular journalist, a wanted a child, and the only udavshayasya her career - Centerfolds - for seven years, had come to nothing: in this business prefer the young. Perhaps the fact that Isabella was arranging several different life priorities. In his memoirs, "Something about me", published a few years ago, the actress admits that always sought not so much a "business of life" as personal happiness. But in this she was not too lucky. Looking back, Isabella veteran can not fail to recognize that their youth is wasted wasted on men - talented, even brilliant - but find themselves unable to assess her love and devotion.

In some ways, of course, is the fault of most of Isabel - inspired by the example of their parents, it is a childhood dream of a great love for the extraordinary man - a talented and gentle, energetic and passionate, charming and generous. The girl did not even be aware that the image of the "perfect knight" in her imagination lepilsya from nature - or rather, a beloved children dad - Roberto Rossellini, an unusually open, charming, bustling Italian, large baby and a universal favorite. In addition, Roberto and his mother, the famous actress Ingrid Bergman, were in the eyes of the children not only parents, but also the characters of beautiful legends. According to her, having met on the set, Mom and Dad were so fascinated by each other, they decided to stay together forever. Evil and insidious newspapermen American producers sought to prevent family happiness, but were confounded, because Papa found himself a hero and do not let go of my mother. Later, growing up, Isabella rethink the story and realized that the most difficult to have a mother. It was her, and not Roberto, in all the newspapers called "fallen" and "destroyer of home", only to attack it does not know pity the American press, as it had for the love of Roberto and their future children to give up the eldest daughter Pia. "The result of this persecution was that a couple of years aged mother for almost a decade" - Isabella mused afterwards.

But he had to grow up these thoughts and all my childhood and adolescence girls were held "under the sign of Roberto." What was quite clear: Rossellini, who loved all his children, with a special heat treated twin daughters Isabella Fiorello Elletre Giovanni and Isotta Ingrid Friede Giuliani, born June 18, 1952. "Even before we were born, that we will have two already knew all of Rome - Happy dad told this news to everyone whose phones were in his notebook." Later, when the girls grew up, their parents decided to leave. First, the children lived with her mother, but when she married Lars Schmidt, the indignant father demanded to return the kids to Italy. "For a while, the parents tried to divide us: older brother Roberto was living with his father, and we Ingrid - with mom and Lars - recalls Isabella - but then my mother gave, and gave us the Pope `. Happy Roberto was generous: Ingrid could see the children when she wanted and what she wanted. "But in fact a model of generosity was a mother. My father in fact threw her, and she had every right to turn us against him. But she had never tried to do it."

As a result, all the children of Rossellini and Bergman were brought up in the classical "Italian family", where "father-breadwinner" was not only the chief man of the house, but also the object of universal adoration. "Refers to the pope there was no other when he spreads his arms as if he wanted to hug the Coliseum, and said." I pull out of his mouth the last piece of bread to feed their children, "we could only crowd hung on his neck." Mum was less emotional but more practical: when 13-year-old Isabella found scoliosis, it is throwing everything took its treatment. For health bedridden girl worried the whole family. "I suffered a great deal, but I was pleased that the family is always there and ready to do anything to support me." The consequence of the disease could become even a wheelchair, but Isabella was lucky spinal surgery was successful, and then, looking at the direct and flexible back of the actress, no one guessed that she once had scoliosis.

When Isabella was 17 years, the press has become prochit she has a great future in the movies. But try yourself in two-three films, beginning actress hesitated: journalism and the world of fashion it attracted much more than cinema. However, the Pope, like every filmmaker, a fashion model spoke ironically, but by the time he was no longer alive. Not much better things were, and her mother, she had cancer, and the whole family knew it. Losing a familiar, though defunct Italian family, Isabella, more wanted to have her. Especially, that soon had the chance. Acquainted with the 37-year-old director Martin Scorsese, an Italian by birth, Isabel imagined that her new admirer is very reminiscent of the late Roberto, and most importantly - shared his views on "the typical Italian family."

Unfortunately, less than a few months after the wedding, the actress realized her mistake. In contrast, Roberto, staring at the world through the prism of his own genius, Martin was just torn complexes and contradictions, which the echoes of a young wife and then felt myself. But if by "Fuck me!" - A phrase with which my husband woke up in the morning, she almost got used to the wild bursts carry his Sicilian jealousy was much more difficult. Moreover, that particular cause for scandal and Martin did not need to: the wife was quite a bit to stay on the job a little longer laid to look into someone`s side or to appear in public without a husband. Showdown - usually rapid turning into a tantrum, and then - in an asthma attack - should have in place, whether it is flat, the street, or a secular party. Such details as the surrounding animatedly watching the "show" perturbed her husband was not interested. Isabella also wanted to sink into the ground.

But she was not going to give up. Despite the violent protests Scorsese, she continued to work in journalism and shoot for magazine covers. One of these magazines, in the hands of the offended husband, I almost brought it to a heart attack, his better half, not even consulting him, appeared very lightly dressed. The scandal, hosted by Isabella "Catholic, whose reputation is smeared" this time was over trivial: as a "final argument" husband guilty simply locked in the apartment, and he went to the shooting of the film. actress Patience was packed: she decided to file for divorce.

But to get rid of Scorsese was not so easy. Divorce Isabel, he was not going to give, and every step was monitored by a hired detective. Support came from an unexpected quarter: Rossellini partner for the next photographing, 23-year-old male model Jonathan Uaydmen suddenly confessed she was in love with her. Looking closely to him, Isabella realized that it was ready to reciprocate. Moreover, the new novel, among other things, and guaranteed her a fat point in the relationship with her husband. A few days later Isabella just moved to Uaydmenu and Scorsese, tried to restore the "status quo", said that now he can communicate only with its lawyers.

However, less than two years as an actress again felt unhappy. To torment her vague doubts about Jonathan eventually came true for one hundred percent. Her lover, was, of course, is good, but on this his dignity and end with neither the talent nor the intelligence nor the desire to support a family in which the daughter has appeared recently, he was not in sight. Isabella hesitated: she would have easily parted with Uaydmenom, but did not want to leave the child without a father. Once again, the choice is made it fate.

When Rossellini, after several years of inactivity actor was invited to audition in the film by David Lynch, it was not too flattered by this. "Cinema has never played" first violin "in my life. I was shot, when offered, but did not waste time on searching for roles when they were not." Besides mystery Lynch caused her anxiety. "I`ve seen some of his films, and therefore prepare herself for the meeting with the tantrums and imagine my surprise:. David has appeared calm and even gentle man!" Shooting of the film "Blue Velvet" has not yet begun, and Isabella was already head over heels in love with her director. He also seemed to be in love with her. But to a certain extent. Subsequently, trying to rethink the most turbulent of his novels, the actress has sadly stated: "I did not even notice that in our relationship, he always held the line, go for that I did not have human rights and because of this feature I do not know.". Perhaps that is why it is so to the end and did not understand the reason for their break, which occurred in 1990. "One day he just turned his back on me and walked away -. Without explaining anything Since then, he`s not talking to me anymore."

Of course, the gap with David for Isabella was the drama of life. But she pulled herself together and quickly consoled. To some extent this contributed to actor Gary Oldman, fell in love with her on the set of "Immortal Beloved." Rossellini too was in love, but this time it behaved more wisely. Before you go down the aisle (as Gary had wanted), she forced him to be treated for alcoholism in hospital and undergo drug "trial period". With the clinic went well, but the "probation" Gary could not stand it - washed down. Isabella was painful to part with Oldman, but to spend their lives in an alcoholic she did not want.

In the early 90`s Isabella Rossellini was just a standard female prosperity "forty". She was the eldest among the centerfold, and for many years was the "face" of the company "Lancome". But the work was soon rolled downhill: one day in the "Lankoma" made it clear that they need to "face" the younger. In the world of fashion is a common practice, but Isabella was able to do this with the resonance of the event. "Of course, the gentlemen of the" Lancome "came toward me unfair. But they forgot that the world consists not only of the young six-foot blonde. I always find a job." And, to the surprise of skeptics, Rossellini really found it: the cosmetics company "Lancaster", she was offered the position of vice-director of management. However, while it is no longer advertises cosmetics. But - it is engaged in its production. "I like my new job. Besides, here I have the opportunity to escape. Shot in a movie, for example. The proposals because there continue to be."

Now Isabella Rossellini alone, and it looks like she likes it. "For men and so I spent a lot of energy and mental strength Now I have become smarter, and expend themselves carefully -. Only children and work." By the way, the children, the actress has two. In forty years, she decided to give her daughter a brother - and adopted a baby from an orphanage. "His work is, of course, is good too, but you know - I`m tired of waiting for the man of her dreams Tired of dramas, passions showdown Of course, like any woman, I am open to new love, but live for themselves to me too... very much. Especially, that Beethoven, in my life now ode to joy! "

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