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Citizenship: Russia


IV Voronov - a highly renowned economist and social activist. In 1969 he graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. From 1969 to 1978. He worked at the Institute of Atomic Energy. Kurchatov, then graduated from the graduate school of the Diplomatic Academy of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs specialization "World Economy and International Relations".

Since 1981, more than 15 years has been active in leading public economic organizations of the country: in the society "Knowledge", Scientific and Economic Society, the All-Union Economic Society, the Free Economic Society Russian. Since 1991, Voronov - Director of the International Union of Economists, which is a member of the UN, UNESCO and YUATI.

By the nature of its activities, it supervises the scientific, economic, and international publishing work. She is the initiator and one of the leading organizers and participants of the permanent round table on "Russia on the threshold of XXI century", "Economic Security of Russia" International Forum "World Experience and Russian Economy". With its direct participation of organized more than 150 major international conferences, workshops and meetings with a large public outcry. At the initiative of IV Raven resumed publication of "scientific works of the Free Economic Society", published in Russian in 1766. She is the coordinator of this publication, the compiler of having a great international prestige, as well as part of the editorial board of the leading Russian-language publication "Information Bulletin of the International Union of Economists." IV Voronova actively participates in the work of the various commissions and UN groups, the Government of Russia, the Government and the Mayor of Moscow. She made a lot of practical advice on the transformation and development of the economy of Russia, the Moscow region, the integration of Russia into the global economic community. IV Raven published over 40 original scientific and economic papers, made some 100 presentations at scientific conferences and seminars. It has 2 copyright certificates of the Russian Federation. Irina seriously interested in growing flowers. In his garden plot she has created a unique ornamental garden, with more than 200 varieties of different colors, including 80 of the world`s 200 known varieties of tulips and lilies, peonies, hydrangea. The bulbs for your garden, it brings the whole world. New hobby Irina Vladimirovna - skiing.

Lives and works in Moscow.