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My path in journalism thorny and tortuous. What attracted me to this crazy profession? Hard to tell. Maybe the fact that there is the opportunity to try a bit of everything, living with the heroes of publications of their lives? May be. Maybe that`s why I chose it, with regard to the stage - theater, cinema, music ...

Journalism something akin to the acting profession, and every journalist, by and large, - the actor is not implemented. We all have to play. In different situations. Different roles.

Once I realized that I could not write about a person if it is not interesting to me, if not close to what he was doing. We must "match field." If this happens, you "dropped out" of human life through her, he becomes a part of you. This, I think, the formula for success.

Being on the other side of the ramp, I feel complicit in what does "my" hero. Perhaps partly because of my publications he succeed. I have a light hand.

"Our task - the word." - Wrote Sergey Dovlatov. And I try to treat it with great care. Paper will endure all. But, since the word has a certain charge, the consequences may be unpredictable for the person. I do not know for someone like, but for me the reputation - not an empty sound, and human relations more cheap sensation, which then still forget.

Actors - vulnerable people. It is better to once again praise them. The return will be then. After all, no human or natural heat does not happen a lot. And if over nature, we have no control, the "solar" relations between people - it is in our hands.


Irina Vasilchikova journalist. Experience 7 years. Collaborated with publications, "Boomerang" Maroussia "," Zoo then-Boom "," General Newspaper "," TV-Park "," Your home consultant "," Moscow News "," Nezavisimaya Gazeta "," Home Reading "," Rossiyskaya Gazeta "," 7 Days "," Lisa "," Lisa-horoscope "," Change "," Teleglaz AIF "," Family Council - Arguments and Facts "," AiF-SV "," contemporary "," Book Review " "Hello," "Sudarushka", "Family", "antenna", "Private lives," "Confrontation", "Women`s secrets", "I - a woman," "Planet of Beauty", "Oracle", "Steps Oracle" "Mouzon", "World stars", RIA "News", "Globe", the online editions of "utro.ru", "obozrenie.ru".

It was mostly an interview with well-known artists and musicians.

Among them, Valery Sjutkin, Eugene Havtan, Valery Meladze, Valery Lysenko Oleg Usmanov ( "Mister Twister"). Alex Kortnev ( "accident"), Irina Saltykov, Maxim Leonids, Eduard Hanok, Maxim Dunaevsky, Sergei Bezrukov, Sergey Chonishvili Marianne Schultz, Andrew Zhitinkin, Viktor Rakov, Sergey Prokhanov, Egor Konchalovsky, Mary Aronov, Valery Garkalin, Yuri and Dmitri Kuklachev, Eugene Slavutin (chief director of the student theater of Moscow State University) and others.


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