Irina Pegova

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Date of Birth: 06/18/1978

Age: 38

Place of birth: Vyksa

Citizenship: Russia


There are girls in Russian villages

Pegova Irina was born in the town of Vyksa, Nizhny Novgorod region on June 18, 1978. My mother, Irina worked at the metallurgical plant, changed several professions - from uchetchitsy to the accountant. Dad - athlete - skier, athlete, running a marathon (42 km), was a champion of the Nizhny Novgorod region. Now she teaches gymnastics, a coach. In my father`s line in a family of Irina many athletes and from the first, too, raised a great athlete. The girl was engaged in athletics, skiing, skating, swimming, fencing, horseback riding.

That`s what tells Irina about her childhood: "My parents waited until the last moment, it`s a boy. The girl was born with a boyish character. In my childhood friends and some were not, together with the boys, I climbed trees, fallen, smashed his knees in blood. Imp is. Together with my many relatives we went hiking - it is long remembered ". But the main childhood memories are connected to the village with a "cheerful" name impasse where his grandmother Irina spent all weekends and summer holidays: "If you only knew how I loved this impasse! For me it was just blissful days: clean air, fields, forests, we went to pick berries, tending sheep ... But my favorite pastime was mowing. I myself, of course, is not mowed, but collected stacks always dragged them rastresala hay ... When mowed, natural, singing folk songs ... And when you do not go on the hay - digging potatoes. We had a huge plot - and all summer I weeded the potatoes, spud it gathered Colorado beetles ... very fond of fresh air, the sun, some rustic freedom. Now sometimes I dream that I went to Moscow, and after graduation moved to his grandmother ... forever. "

At the urging of parents who wanted to give his daughter a well-rounded education, Irina graduated from music school, violin class. As Ira admitted later, a long time she did not realize what a great instrument - violin. Understanding came only in the last class. Once the competition took place in Vyksa, "I want to be a star," and Irina decided to take part in it. No sooner said than done. The debut on the music scene has been so successful that Irina was to think seriously about a career of pop singer and entered the music studio where "everything was seriously" - first-soloist girls remade popular songs, and then composed themselves, touring and even recorded in a professional studio in Nizhny Novgorod.

After graduating from high school in 1995 to Irina Pegova there was no question who to be - she firmly decided that would be a great singer, Edith Piaf. But for this it was necessary to continue the occupation vocals and speech professional, ie go to the nearest theater school. The situation is complicated by the fact that the parents of the future of Edith Piaf were strongly opposed to an artistic career, his daughter: "Mom thought it was the world of vulgarity, lies and corruption that actors and actresses unenviable life. She did not want me to fall into the kind of world. She said: "Over my dead body." And in order to study at drama school, I had for my mother to go to the Polytechnic Institute in Nizhny Novgorod. Then I entered the theater, and my mother has calmed down. " And at first Irina on the advice of friends decided to enter the Department of puppetry. In other college applicants to convince the girl that the drama department is much better, so that in the end, Irina entered and puppetry, and drama department. And though in the theater by the time it does not happen ever, she still chose the drama department and, as time has shown, was not mistaken.

In the second year of her education in Nizhny Novgorod on tour came "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop" and miraculously got on the course Pegova, where the actors showed their work and students, in turn, their "Peter Fomenko made, of course, a strong impression. I like it looked, decided at once: a monster, a strong personality. Fomenko then scowled at me and said, well, well done. The guys from the troupe Fomenko said that I need to go to Moscow. From our school in the same year I went almost the entire course, and all were hiding from each other: you never know what will be in Nizhny talk. All then, of course, met on arrival and laughed a lot. " Of all the students of Nizhny Novgorod theater, making that year in Moscow to try his luck on the stage GITIS on directing the course Fomenko in 1997 one single actress was credited - Ira Pegova which to gather up money for a trip to Moscow was forced to wash the floors in the home theater.


In 2001, Irina Pegova was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow theater "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop" and actively entered the life of the theater. She has played in productions of Pyotr Fomenko Tikhonovna Anfisa in "Wolves and Sheep" Ostrovsky, Yegorovna in "One absolutely happy village" Vakhtin, Sonia and Lisa in the play "War and Peace. The beginning of the novel" Tolstoy, Pelagia Pritikin in performance E. Kamenkovich "Barbarians" Gorky`s play.

One of the most prominent roles Pegova - dishwasher Irma in the play "Mad of Chaillot" Zh.Zhirodu. Her impetuous heroine in a passionate monologue admits that he hates ugliness and loves beauty. Irma wants to find her true love. At the same time it elects a very controversial way: the heroine is given to all men, trying to guess each his destiny. Pegova often plays the role of age. The most brilliant she was able to do it in the play N. Drucheka "White Nights" by Dostoevsky as Grandma, does not want to be old and living memories of youth. Fomenko suggested actress wonderful gesture transmitting blindness character: it clings to the air. Last season Pegova played in "Snuff" in the play Sonya M. Karbauskis "Uncle Vanya." Her character is simple and sincere, she wants to live, work, love. Despite the fact that love is broken Sony, hope for the future does not leave her. For this role, Irina nominated for the "Golden Mask".

Currently, Irina Pegova busy in the play "Wolves and Sheep", "One Absolutely Happy Village", "War and Peace. The beginning of the novel," "Mad of Chaillot", "White Nights", "Uncle Vanya" (P. Theatre performance p. Oleg Tabakov).


The work of Irina in the movie began in 2003 with the movie Master A. "Walk". The debut was more than successful - for the role of charming in its frivolity Columbine Pegova Olga Irina received the "Golden Eagle" and the prize of the festival "Window to Europe", although the first director Olga saw a very different - a modern girl, a slim, stylish and fatal. As always in life Pegova in business again intervene in case: "Everything happened by chance. First approved Pasha Barshak (Alyosha), then, after a couple of weeks - Eugene Tsyganov (Peter) and the last confirmed me, that was very unexpected because I had to be removed in another Master`s movie (approx -. "Dreaming of Space" , 2005), the teacher just suddenly got the idea to try me for this role - and a week later started shooting. "

Irina was the first time on the set, while "Walk" was more an experiment than this, "staging" a film with a clearly-set decorations and exposed to light, "I just had to learn the text - and forward the frame. Twenty minutes of time, five sheets of text and route, for example, from the Griboyedov Canal to St. Isaac`s Cathedral. We had to play without rehearsals - as it will, and will. Moreover, all my partners - these are my classmates, we know each other for a hundred and fifty years, but at the same time, there was a danger that we will not be able to play strangers to each other people. "

In the theater, Irina engaged mainly in the classical repertoire, which embodies a uniquely positive images, a priori cause of the audience sympathy. Sympathy audience Olga - the heroine of "Walking" - merit entirely Irene: "We are all very similar to it ... I like it - because of this, I think I made it a little softer, human, or something. .. In my opinion, it does not cause the condemnation when doing not very good things. Although initially the plot she had to be a bitch. I tried to make it more human, to make it ... more sympathy, probably to her ... "

The work of Irina in "Walk" has not gone unnoticed - in 2004 Pegova Irina was awarded the "Golden Eagle", which, by its own admission, it was a complete surprise: "I went to the ceremony, knowing that do not get anything. And so, when they announced my name, I was shocked. And that, my confused speech, which all have heard from the stage - the best proof of the surprises of this award to me. Now I understand that in the event severe consequences for me - people began to look at me ... biased or something. I should like someone to prove something. And I do not want, and did not need to wait on me. I want to quietly do their job. After prizes and awards may feel that nowhere else to seek. And for the main actor - not to stop and have some kind of purpose. And it is important to forget all the past successes and applause. "

Set the bar high skill does not allow Irina to make numerous job offers in the series, for the 2 years she made an exception just for two TV movies - "Spas under the birches" (directed by L. Eidlin., 2004) and "special purpose friend" (directed by A.. Mateshko, 2005). Cooperation Irina Pegova and A. Teachers successfully continues - in 2005 on the screens out the film "Dreaming of Space" scenario A. Mindadze where Irina played a touching waitress Lara. Sport Training in handy here Irina par with the acting skills: in the "Cosmos" is an episode when Irina runs through the stadium and the cross comes to the finish line first. "The scenario I had to lose, - the actress has told. - But I could not help it, apparently sporting ambition, which was transmitted to me with paternal genes, haunt. The teacher scolded, shot several takes, but I work comes first. In the end, he spat and changed the script. " Incidentally, when the heroine Pegova, winning in sports competition, tearing the finish tape-feeding, critics call the first standing erotic scenes shot in Russia for the last 15 years.

Now Irina did not act in films. Recently, she spends a lot of time at home. Irina recently married actor Dmitry Orlov, and it is possible that the addition is expected in their family.


Actor Dmitry Orlov ( "Sky. Plane. Girl," "Sisters," "Brother-2", "Hope leaves last") the first time he saw his colleague Irina Pegova in the performance Pyotr Fomenko Workshop "War and Peace" and "was totally fascinated by it smile and dimples. " Then he saw Irina at the Moscow Film Festival and was re-conquered, but in no hurry to take a closer look, because I was sure that he could not live with the actress, much less marry her. "Actresses - a special type of women who want to work all the time on the audience, - says Dmitry - so I prefer to admire from afar Irina. But we still met. It happened in the Warsaw Film Festival. I imagined a picture of "Heaven. Aircraft. Girl, "and Ira -" Walk ", for which she received the" Golden Eagle in the past year. "

Their affair began a romantic and vital - with a walk. In Warsaw. The interpreter Stas society, who tactfully receded into the background and does not interfere with the occasion to do their job - to deduce Il Pegova a new stage of life. "For me, at the outset it was clear that I met my soul mate", - says Irina and Dmitri initially resisted their senses and responded Irina mock coldness, guided by the principle "the less we love a woman ...". Soon after meeting the actress went along with the theater for a month touring Europe, and communication is almost ceased. Dmitry showed indifference, which does not actually exist, and therefore Irina had to take the first step and call itself: "While touring in France we are often moved from one city to another. Once I got lost luggage. I was terribly upset and decided to call someone, complain to the vest. Mom could not be bothered, because she began to worry much. And I called Dima. And he talked so dry, that was a shame to tears. Overnight, an unknown French town, an empty area, and I`m in a phone booth, ready to burst into tears. "

After returning from the Irina tour meeting with Dmitry frequent and one night the conversation occurred when the lovers finally told each other "I love you." And then we began to live under the same roof. By Dmitry Orlov: "I think if Ira was not an actress, we would be closer to her quickly. It took time for me to overcome his prejudice. In Ira I found quite unusual for an actress nature. For all his acting talent she tends to a simple, normal life, she wants to be an ordinary woman. This duality fascinates me still. "

At the request of relatives, Dmitri and Irina finally registered their relationship in the summer of 2005, though, in their opinion, a stamp in the passport will not add anything to them, and magnificent wedding - and at excess foreshadow the imminent end of love. Newlyweds do not wear rings and dream about the children, and in the near future plan to be married in the church.


A. Teacher: "Ira is impossible to explain anything philosophically. But she has an amazing intuition, amazing! And she has some things do on a subconscious level. Here, for example, explain the scene in the kitchen, I was very afraid of the scene because the IRA could have put themselves in a bad mood - someone could call from Moscow, something upset her. In it, all these impressions are, fortunately, and unfortunately, but a lot depends otetogo. A this stage only one play professionalism was impossible. But she did it, and the second double has entered the picture. It is a natural talent. And, of course, "fomenkovskoe" education. It is kind of amazing actress! Since it can happen it is the discovery that you have not even laid in my head! ".

Yuri Klimenko: "I am amazed by the degree of credibility of what she does, how she plays, she - actress of the highest class."

E. Liadov: "I`ve never been bored with Ira Pegova. It`s awesome, bright person. Constantly laughing. It is very contagious, charming in his optimism.

Direct Speech

About the city and province

When you live in the village or provincial city deep in Russia, you live and you realize that there is no life. There is only life there is, somewhere in Moscow, New York, Paris. Here - a swamp, and you live with a dream - to break out of here. And when you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you do not appreciate this. It seems that people lose the feeling that they live in a place where life is in full swing.

About sport

My life is very important sport, I`m doing them a lot of active, strong, every day for two or three hours. One sports club in which I have been doing - a great place to relax. There are going to people of different professions, and not to show his toughness, as the club is quite expensive, but just to spend time, relax and socialize with advantage. I`ve got a bunch of friends, great atmosphere. I like to swim in the pool, walk on the treadmill, at this time you can watch a movie or read a book. But most of all I like to group lessons step-aerobics. That`s where the music begins and the active raskolbas.

About love

I can easily fall in love with the talent. To come to the theater to see the actor and fall in love with him. I`m so ... It does not matter - a woman or a man. But that is not love is the main sense. I believe you can fall in love at first sight. However, reliable relationship when eventually delve into the person you see there is what you fall in love then, those traits. Passion and love quickly pass, relations should develop into something deeper, real and truthful. Now, in these circumstances, when my heart is occupied - I Monogamous absolute ...

On the men

The man must be harmony. In the - in words, clothing, actions. For me the main thing - that a person is not a hypocrite. To his actions do not contradict what he says. A man should be checked in a variety of situations, it is revealed in different situations. It`s one thing when you go with him to bathe, and when you go to the cemetery, and even at 12 o`clock at night, and even when the full moon ... The man has yet to be witty - this is one of the most important male qualities. Beauty all relative - I did not book with the fate of the blonde with blue eyes. It is not interesting. Masculinity - yes. A man must be, of course, above all, courageous. He must want and probably be able to earn.

On optimism

I never give up. Sometimes I`m angry at myself, I have no patience, I really do not like to wait. I always believe that there will come something good.

On walks

I love to walk and get to know the city feet. Still - skating and cycling. In the theater, by the way, I often come on a bicycle. Rolling even abroad - because there is usually no time, if the meal with a tour or a movie. Therefore, in order to see better, it is necessary to take a bicycle. And in New York, where we took the "Walk", I saw in the trunk of our bikes Yuri Klimenko operator and asked for a ride. All week cut through Manhattan on the Hudson River waterfront. Travel should be only alone. I saw all of New York behind the scenes - including garbage and swarms of dangerous blacks. What shocked me - everything is like in the movies and horror fiction. Every day the city was different. I enjoyed it so much. New York is now one of my favorite cities, where you want to go back.

On the acting profession

I like to play in the theater and in the movies, but definitely know that I will not wait long sentences if they suddenly run out. Most of all I do not like to wait in the profession. It should be easy to leave that profession and do something else.


Learn to draw. To master a musical instrument - violin. My dream is to live in a beautiful place, to draw, to play the violin. And that was a lot of children. Though, probably, for a long time in this my dream, I would not exist. I definitely need to engage in a profession, theater. Without it lost the meaning of life.

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