Irina Malysheva

Picture of Irina Malysheva

Date of Birth: 02/15/1961

Age: 55

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Irina Malysheva was born and grew up in an intellectual family. Dad - Professor Tupalevskom Bureau, still engaged in the construction of new aircraft. Mum with a unique, beautiful voice, she was a singer, sang in the choir Sokolov. She and Irina instilled love of classical music. As early as six years old girl sang arias and serious, to the delight of my mother, dreamed of becoming a singer. As Pope, he is considering this hobby frivolous, like daughter to get a good education, for which Irene and gave the English special school.

The elite school Irina did not like. She recalls: "The staff of the children of diplomats, I do not fit right. Boys and girls majeure brought to the gum to school, foreign pens, showed each other imported clothes, brought them from abroad, their parents, and I have the luxury and did not exist, I could not afford to arrange some kind of get-together with friends at "the hut". Therefore, I was treated with lordly condescension. "

An early debut and early love

Irina Malysheva life changed dramatically in 1974. One day she saw an ad on Mosfilm that the main role of the child requires a girl. Who at that age does not dream to get to the screen ?! Here Irina and decided to take a chance, despite the fact that she was very shy and modest child.

Modesty and helped Irina. The fact that the director Sergei Solovyov, taking the picture of the painting "One hundred days after childhood", needed just such a shy girl in the role of Sonia Zagremuhinoy. Irina approved.

About that period of life, Irina remembers with great pleasure, "Sergey Solovyov good at working with children - no one did not shout, did not swear. He could evaluate any trifle and enthusiastically exclaim: "This is brilliant!". And you really start to feel talented. We was an atmosphere of fun and games. "

Here, on the set, Irina began touching romance with screenwriter Alexander Alexandrov (who was older than her 14 years). As recognized herself an actress, she initially hated him greatly. The girl wanted to look irresistible in the frame, as it as directed by Alexandrov, dressed in an ugly dress and tied her hair in two pigtails creepy.

Once, when filmed dance scene, Irina decided that now for sure it was her day. She says: "I made a fashionable hairstyle, make up, put on your best dress krepdeshinovoe in frivolous roses - I was in love with a boy from the crowd and really wanted to please him. Aleksandrov saw me, he called costume and ordered me back to the previous image. Again, this is a terrible dress, and those pesky rat tails - I was angry! Beside myself, I marched across the set, went to Alexandrov and threw in his face: "From you, Alexander Leonardovich, I did not expect!" - Burst into tears and ran into the woods. Then he apologized, said he was afraid that I was thrown over him with their fists. "

It was after this incident, Irina and Alexander became close friends. After filming their relationship broke down and gradually grew into love, but more on that later ...

Children`s role in the movie

At school, the news that Irene took to the cinema, met a terrible distaste. She recalls: "I hate: not even accepted into the Komsomol, piled on some political issue, and even maliciously remarked:" We have to learn, girl, replenish their political literacy, and not to engage in all sorts of kin. "

The girl, already feel uncomfortable at this school, and it became difficult to do. Irina told all my mother and soon changed the place of study. Irina was transferred to another elite school - school for working youth. Here studied by those who study in a regular school was once a daughter Ulyanov son Aksyonov, son ... Lungin`s "cinematic" children neither physics nor chemistry was absolutely no need. Teacher, is perfectly aware, to skip classes for a valid reason, the shooting in the next film treated calmly.

Before graduating Irina starred in several films. The audience loved it and remembered for her roles Maryushka princess in the musical comedy George Jungvald-Khilkevich "shoes with gold buckles," Princess in the fairy tale of Boris Rytsarev "The Princess and the Pea" (based on the works of Hans Christian Andersen), Lena Gabriel Egizarova in the melodrama " Portrait of a rain ... "

As you can see, the young actress, as a rule, offered mainly lyric roles. Although there were exceptions. In the mid-70s a famous film director Elem Klimov wants to shoot the film "Come and See" - a terrible picture of the horrors of World War II. Irina, he was invited to the role of Dasha. Unfortunately, this role was not able to take place. Soon, shooting pictures at the "top" order was closed. Ten years later, Klimov yet filmed conceived the film, but with the other actors.

Shchukin School. First marriage

Shooting movie finally approved Irina Malyshev in the decision to become an actress. After school, she entered the Shchukin Theater School. Her classmates were Elena Sotnikova, Eugene Dvorzhetsky Andrew Zhitinkin, Evgeny Knyazev ... Young guys differ enthusiasm, cheerfulness.

However, student parties and novels were not for Irina Malysheva. First, she had already starred in many movies. Over the years, she starred in the musical fairy tale "The rider on the horse of gold" (beauty Ai), dramas "horses in midstream is not" and "I`ll take your pain," the adventure film "Talk brother" and other films.

Second, 19 years Irina Malysheva began to live together with Alexandrov. This novel went in her favor. Sasha helped her in every possible way in understanding the actress profession, and therefore any examination she came well prepared. Learn Irina generally loved and all five years was Lenin stipendiatkoy, for which her classmates in shutkuprozvali "blue stocking".

80 - 90 years

In 1981 Irina Malysheva graduated from the Theater School. Schukin and began working in the Theater. Pushkin. However, it was still primarily a movie actress. Directors are pleased to invite in his paintings this beautiful and talented actress. In the 80 years it has played a prominent role in kinoromane "I will never forget you" (Pauline), the comedy "Dead Souls" (the governor`s daughter), a biographical film "Silver Strings" (Vera Vladimirovna), the rural drama "The right to love" the comedy "Son in the arm or a suitcase" and other films.

If the youth Irene battered lyrical role, but now it is increasingly`ve played different bitchy beauties. In life, she was still quiet, shy person and pliable. At the same time Irina has always been very emotional and amorous. She falls in love madly and often, often simply inventing itself this love from scratch, as she herself admits, "... to suffer to look in it material for creative work." This could not but affect its relations with the Alexandrov family.

At Irina and Alexander lived for ten years. "These were difficult years - says Irina V. - our family was like a pendulum: I then left, then came back - Sasha drank, and I, a young girl was hard to sustain his binges, but also to leave for good was not strong enough, yet he It was for me above all else. In the end, we broke up, and I do not know anything about him. "

In the troubled years of the 90 Irina Malysheva almost shot. When it was difficult with the money, she has worked in the real estate agency.

Once again, she returned to the screens in 1999, played a role in the TV series "Family Secrets." A year later, she starred in the role of Western television journalist Diane Jackson in a criminal melodrama directed by Igor Talpa "special case." In this picture, she also sang a song of his own composition.