Irene Bolam

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Date of Birth: 01/10/1904

Age: 77

Place of birth: Newark

Citizenship: United States

woman who was not Amelia Earhart

Irene Bolam Kreygmayl - American Banker and finansistka inhabitant Monroe Midllseks, New Jersey (Monroe Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey). Most of all, known as the alleged `` new personality of the legendary pilots Amelia Earhart (Amelia Earhart); however, the relationship theory Earhart and Bolam remained theory, having received no clear evidence, and indeed Bolam from it categorically distanced itself.

Irene Nee Medelayn O`Krouli (Irene Madalaine O`Crowley), a woman several times married. Her first husband was a man of Kreygmayl Charles (Charles Craigmile); after his death, Irene remarried, for Heller Alvin (Alvin Heller). This marriage was not as strong and eventually collapsed; in 1959 Irene married Guy Bolama (Guy Bolam).

An unexpected and unusual fame Irene Bolam after meeting with Joseph Gervase (Joseph Gervais); man was absolutely convinced that it faces without a trace missing Earhart. Gervaise collected materials formed the basis of the book Joe Klaas (Joe Klaas) `Amelia Earhart zhiva` (` Amelia Earhart Lives`). Bolam categorically denied that is only a mask for the legendary vozduhoplavatelnitsy and subsequently even sued; their denials Irene put this affidavit written evidence. It was attached to the testimony of pilots license and marriage certificate. Publishers Book Klaas, `McGraw-Hill`, rather quickly withdrew it from the market almost immediately after the release; according to the court records, and they Bolam could reach a peace agreement. The buzz around Irene, however, calmed down at once - her personal life for a long time and actively studied. Research all the available documents, however, were forced to stay in the conclusion is unambiguous - Bolam was not and could not be Amelia Earhart. Kto-to similarity could be called a certificate pilot; Indeed, Bolam knew how to fly, but it did not even have its main profession - on the life of Irene earned in the bankers and the financial industry. The final nail in the coffin of the theory of `` Bolam-Earhart scores existence of people who knew and Amelia, and Irene; One of those witnesses was aviatrix and aviagonschitsa Elinor Smith (Elinor Smith).

Irene Bolam died on July 7 th 1982; at the time of death, she was 77 years old. After the death of the irrepressible Bolam Gervase requested permission to take photographs of the body and remove his fingerprints; This, however, was denied.

In 2003 it buzz around Irene Bolam had been raised again - in print has received a new book about the mystery of the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, Amelia Earhart vyzhila` `(` Amelia Earhart Survived`); I wrote this book on 230 pages of a certain Colonel Reynard Rollin (Rollin Reineck). In his book, Reynard expounded theory, previously unpublished. According to the author, not just Earhart disappeared, but was captured by the Japanese, landed on the Marshall Islands (Marshall Islands); there are people who seem to have seen Earhart in Japanese captivity - and the administration of President Roosevelt supposedly was well aware of the fate of the national character. Special evidence base Reynard could boast not - like many before him, he operated for the most part all sorts of historical and okoloistoricheskimi tales, anecdotes and rather free interpretation of some of the available real documents. Considerable interest in the theory of Reynard apparently caused Irene Bolam. The author insists on the fact that after the war, Earhart was secretly returned to the United States from Japan and lived a new life in New Jersey under a new name.

The buzz that was supposed to calm down even after the disappearance of the original book sale Klaas, Reineke fanned - or, at least, tried to blow up - again. He not only repeated the old story of Klaas and his friends; Rollin in his work cited evidence kinodela Tod Swindell (Todd Swindell), analyzed the images of both women and to establish a clear resemblance. To make their theories forest of pseudoscientific, Reynard actively hinted on support from two prominent forensic anthropologists. Besides, Rollin used artificially aged by a special program Earhart photos, comparing it with image Bolam. In general, Reynard is not even considered in the book is described as a theory, insisting on absolute proof and evidence of their theses.

It should be noted that the facts in support of the theory initially looked pretty weak. It all started with the first evidence of Gervase - he said that he learned to Irene Bolam medallion, like Amelia Earhart given by President Hoover in 1932 th. Photos taken Gervaise at the same event, say nothing - they quite clearly shows that the general has two medallions except that the round shape; no hint of distinctive red, white and blue ribbon Distinguished Flying Cross, which also recalled Gervaise, in the pictures could not be found. The external similarity between the two women Gervase also clearly exaggerated - they belonged to a similar type, but in general, differ markedly. We see it on a computer image of the aged book Reynard; the authors of the picture went to some tricks, issuing a `computer Earhart` the same clothes, hair and jewelry that Bolam, but even with this quite clearly shows that the facial features of women are markedly different - so, Bolam no concave lip, the former at Earhart, a mole on the left side of the face and a distinctive gap between the front teeth. Kto-to would say the latter, that the Bolam used the services of dentists, but no proof of this can not be found.

The 2006th command `National Geographic` was hired forensic expert Kevin Richlin (Kevin Richlin); his study of photography Earhart and Bolam were transferred. Richlin in the analysis of pictures set several notable and measurable metrics on which the faces of the women differed - and thus definitively proved that Irene Bolam was not at Amelia Earhart.

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