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Date of Birth: 01/19/1747

Age: 79

Citizenship: Germany


Johann Elert Bode - German astronomer. Born January 19, 1747 in Hamburg (Germany). In 1772 at the invitation of I.G.Lamberta worked at the Berlin Observatory; from 1786 to 1825 as Director. He opened several comets. In 1772 he presented the rule of planetary distances based on laws previously established I.D.Titsiusom ( "Titius - Bode"). Its essence lies in the fact that the distances of the planets from the Sun close to a geometric progression. In 1776, Bode proposed the theory of the structure of the sun, close to the one developed in 1795 V.Gershel. He published the Atlas of the sky (Uranographia, 1801), which contains 20 sheets of star charts and a catalog of 17,240 stars and nebulae.

Bode proposed the name Uranus, open V.Gershelem. He founded the well-known "Berlin Astronomical Yearbook

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