Ioann Henry

Picture of Ioann Henry

Date of Birth: 02/12/1322

Age: 53

Place of birth: Melnik

Citizenship: Germany


Johann Heinrich (Jan Jindrich, it Johann Heinrich, Czech Jan Jind & # 345; ich; February 12, 1322, Miller, 12 November 1375..) - Margrave of Moravia (since 1349) and Count of Tyrol (1335-1341) of the Luxembourg dynasty.

Johann Heinrich was the third son of King John of Luxembourg and the Czech Republic Przhemyslovny Elizabeth, daughter of Czech King Wenceslas II. The elder brother Johann Heinrich Charles IV became king in 1346 in Germany and, later, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

In 1330, Johann Heinrich, who was only eight years old, married Margaret, heiress of Tyrol county. It was a dynastic union, a prisoner to end a long battle between the Luxembourg and Goritsky-Tirolskoydinastiyami for the Czech throne. He could provide the accession of Luxembourg vast holdings of the Tyrolean Counts in southern Germany (including Carinthia and extreme). However, when in 1335 Margaret Tyrol has inherited the throne after the death of his father, John of Luxembourg, absorbed Italian adventures, unable to assert its authority in its possession. As a result, Carinthia and Carniola were ceded to the Austrian Habsburgs, and Margaret and Johann Heinrich only stayed Tyrol.

Board Heinrich Johann in Tirol did not last long: in 1341 he was expelled from his wife, the county, and soon Margarita married Ludwig V of Bavaria. Although Luxembourgs managed to organize a massive propaganda campaign against Margarita, with the assistance of the Pope excommunicated from the Church of Margarita and declared it the ugliest woman in the history of Tyrol he was lost for Johann Heinrich.

In 1349, after Charles IV accession to the throne of Bohemia, Johann Heinrich received from his older brother in appanage Moravia. In 1350 he married for the second time on the Piast Margaret, daughter of the Duke of Troppau, by whom he had several children, including the future of the German anti-king Jobst of Luxembourg. As the Margrave of Moravia, Johann Heinrich was fully under the control of its more prominent elder brother and not being conducted independently from the Czech foreign politiku.Brak and children

(1330 isolator. 1349) Margaret (1318-1369), Countess of Tyrol

(1350) Margarita Piast (1330-1363), daughter of Nicholas II, the Duke of Troppau

Jost (1351-1411), Margrave of Moravia (c 1375) and Brandenburg (since 1388), the anti-King of Germany (1410)

Catherine (1353-1378), married (1372) of Henry, Duke of Falkenberg

Johann Sobeslav (1356-1394), the patriarch of Aquileia (from 1387)

Prokop (1355-1405), Margrave of Moravia (since 1375)

Elizabeth (d. 1400), married (in 1366) of Wilhelm I, Margrave of Meissen

Anna (d. 1405), married to Peter of Cesky Sternberk

(1364) Margaret of Habsburg (1346-1366), daughter of Albrecht II of, Duke of Austria

(1366) Elizabeth Oettingen (d. 1409)