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Year of birth : 1986

Age: 29 years

Birthplace : Yonkers, New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


When, in 1988, some of the participants "Rigor Mortis" is gone,taking with them the right to name the remaining members of the team have organized a new project, "Immolation". Guitarists Thomas Wilkinson and Robert Vigna called in to help a singing bassist Russ Dolan and drummer Neil Bobak to thoroughly engage in death metal.

Two years have gone on training demos, giving the group a cult status. Only in 1991 on the "Roadrunner records" released their debut album, "Dawn Of Possession". The CD was made qualitatively, but, unfortunately, lost in the depths of the Clones death genre. By the way, drumming on it has a new member "Immolation" Craig Smilovski.

With the release of the next album the band is not too hurried, and took three years untilwhen the label of the group desperate to wait for any progress, he tore up the contract. The new owners, "Repulse records", instead of a full-fledged studio work received a collection of early recordings and some live tracks.

ImmolationIstoriya contract was repeated, but the "Immolation" were able to get out of the situation ,that hardly could have been many other teams, allowed a break between sessions. Tying in 1996, relations with the "Metal blade" and changing once again the hammer (it was Alex Hernandez) , the guys finally ended up in the studio. The following year, the light finally came the long-awaited second full-length "Here in after". It was foundmusic group that has stood the test of time, and although the compositions became more complicated and confusing, but remained fairly heavy and aggressive.

The further promotion of the team contributed to the joint tour with peers "Cannibal corpse" and "Six feet under".During the tour in 1997 the band began to slowly prepare the material for the next album, the session took place the following year. Exit plate delayed another year because of problems with the cover design.

ImmolationTem least, the material sounded quite fresh, confirming mastery of musicians. With the advent of "Failures Forods" group reached headlining status in which she spent the subsequent European and American tours. At this time the "Immolation" did not sustain a break between releases, and the next year was thrown to the market a new album, which became the culmination of many years of work. The compositions have become heavier and darker ,but at the same frank and emotionally. Promotion "Close to a world below" staged in the American tour in the company of "Six feet under". During these tours Cowpea Makenti substituted for John, and the following year had to temporarily replace Wilkinson (his place was taken by Bill Taylor of "Angel corpse").At the beginning of the new millennium, new contracts for the release of a group of records were signed - with the American "Olympic records" and the French "Listenable". In 2002 another album was released with producer Paul Orofino, "Unholy cult".

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