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BiographyDespite the name - which is a clear reference to the importance of religious concepts and the same product known Catholic priest Thomas a Kempis (Thomas von Kempen) - nothing particularly sacred in the production of this label is not present.Sabkoff Tara (Tara Subkoff) Damheyv and Matthew (Matt Damhave) created his label as a kind of reaction to the excessive mercantilism fashion. On the part of the essence of the company`s activities may seem uncomplicated frankly - Tara and Matt are buying the most interesting products at the cheap stores, literally tearing them to shreds ,remove all logos and turned into something new ; finishing touch is always the brand name in the form of a cross. Of course, such a shocking just could not help but draw the attention of the general public; interested in the activities of the duo and more eminent representatives of the world of fashion - so ,One of the shows was honored by a visit to Anna Wintour (Anna Wintour) and Andre Leon Talley (Andre Leon Talley).

The artistic director of the label was Chloe Sevigny (Chloe Sevigny); number Sabkoff models showed Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Johansson).

Packaging has invested in work on the label had all her energy;helped her numerous friends - designers. Interestingly, Sabkoff companions considered themselves not so much ordinary tailors as an applied social scientists.

In 2001 Sabkoff some time tried to act as an actress ;team of employees its label even released a short film with the Reese Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon) in the title role. Narrated film about the everyday life of grave plants `potogonok` and the horrors of child labor. Tara herself starred in the thriller Tarsem Singh (Tarsem Singh) ` Kletka` (` The Cell`) - by the way,the title role in the film played by Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez). In order to get the role in the film, Taradazhe lied about what had once worked as a lifeguard and swim very well. Cheating is still open, however, for all his desire not Tarsem Singh could neither dismiss Taraor replace it on a less important role - by the time the film crew has managed to complete the work on a pretty important scene involving Sabkoff.

In 2002, `Imitation of Christ` staged in Paris a grand show performance ; model that demonstrated the new design creations ,They came to the show on the machines ` Emergency pomoschi` and moved only on a stretcher. All this simulated theatricality was supposed to symbolize the death of a Fashion concept.

Later that same year, the label gave another show ; it viewers had to change places with the models - to get into the auditorium could only be passed on the podium ,under the watchful eye of playing the role of critics, commentators models. This view, as you might guess, was designed to attract the interest of the shortcomings of the current criticism of the system.

In 2006, Tara left the `Imitation of Christ`; returned to active duty, it is only in 2010, with a new label `Imitation`.

In 2009-m Tara Sabkoff discovered a brain tumor - is still benign, but in the future it can become deadly. Tara successfully underwent surgery to remove the tumor and by now has fully returned to normal.

In 2011, Tara has presented his latest collection at NewYork Fashion Week (New York Fashion Week) - and became one of the few designers do not seem concerned about his team selection in models of various minorities.

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