Ilya Golenishev-kutuzov

Picture of Ilya Golenishev-kutuzov

Date of Birth: 04/12/1904

Age: 65

Place of birth: a. Natalino Saratovsk. lips

Citizenship: Russia


Ilya Nikolayevich Golenishtchev-Kutuzov (12 (25), April 1904, p. Natalino Saratovsk. Lip. - April 26, 1969, Moscow) - a philologist, poet, specialist in Romance and Slavic philology and comparative literature, the author of works of Dante and the literature of the Renaissance .

Since 1920 in exile in Bulgaria, then in Yugoslavia. He studied in Belgrade and Paris (the Sorbonne), where he received his doctorate (1933). Assistant Professor of the Belgrade and Zagrebskogouniversitetov (1934-1938). In 1938-1939 he was repressed Yugoslav royal police. From 1941 to 1944 he participated in the underground anti-fascist movement. He was a prisoner of kontslegerya "Banica". In 1946 he received Soviet citizenship, and in 1955 he moved to the Soviet Union. He was admitted to the Institute of World Literature of the USSR. Professor at Moscow State University (1956-58). Member of the editorial board of the "Literary Monuments".


Lay and manuscripts Transdoniad / / Notes to Lay. Belgrade, 1941. Vol. 2, pp 49-55. (Institute of NP Kondakov);

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