Ilya Brazhnikov

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Citizenship: Russia


Born in 1970 in Moscow, Russian.

He graduated from the Faculty of Philology, candidate of philological sciences.

At the beginning of the 1990s. He published poetry and prose in the newspaper "Humanitarian Foundation" almanac "Herald of the new literature" (under the pseudonym of Ilya Makarov), the almanac "Babylon", "Draft".

In the mid-90s he gave up his early works "because of the changes in outlook" and addressed to "religious parable poetics".

After the conversion to the faith published in "TextOnly" and the anthology "Context 9", in the journal "New" Youth "(in collaboration with Yana Yanpolskoy) and applications to" Nezavisimaya Gazeta "-" Ex Libris NG "and" special files NG " articles and essays about literature - in "Teacher`s newspaper", the newspaper "Day of literature", the anthology "Uncle Vanya." to "Pravoslavie.RU"

Written by a full-length movie "Snow Ange l" (the shooting is finished in 2000, the studio "ethos", Moscow).

Since 2003 - a member of the Conservative Press Club (co-chairs - Egor Kholmogorov and Mikhail Remizov, CEO - Mikhail Golovanov).

Until 2004 - the teacher of social studies in high school number 1514 (byvsh.shkola number 52).

She teaches literature at school.

Since 2004 - chief editor of "Pravaya.Ru".

Member Vizantistskogo club Arkady Mahler.

Active supporter of E.Holmogorova in "the case of 100 dollars." The author of the manifesto about the ethics of patriotism and of no return debts

Since April 2006 he is a member of the conservative journalism League (CC chairman - Dmitry Volodikhin).