Igor Gorin

Picture of Igor Gorin

Date of Birth: 01/26/1904

Age: 78

Place of Birth: Grodek

Citizenship: United States


Ignaz Greenberg was born into a Jewish family of a small Galician town of Grodek.

Father - Shulim Greenberg, a rabbi, an expert on the Talmud, the Jews who taught Grodek and the surrounding villages. Mother - Enta Maurice Greenberg, instilled in his son a love of music. After her mother`s death seven years Ignaz brought his aunt. Also Ignaz in the family had a younger brother and sister Efroim Blima.

Training took place in the yeshiva, which was given to the father. He excelled in the study of Jewish worship and Hebrew, learned eight foreign languages. Studies combined with singing in the choir of the local synagogue.

Due to the complex socio-political situation in the country and frequent pogroms Greenberg family in 1919, when Ignaz 15 years old, illegally moved to the Austrian capital. In Vienna, the family also experienced various hardships. Ignaz changed several professions: at a metallurgical plant in the shop the tailor, the milkman, working 6-8 hours with one day off per week.

Despite the lack of free time, Ignaz frequented the public library, and free night school. On Sundays he went to the cinema and forever loved westerns, cowboys and created cinema image of America.

At the audition in the synagogue choir [2], his singing Fyuhs heard Victor, one of the most famous in Vienna Conservatory singing teacher at the time, who was able to see in a young man of outstanding talent and irresistible love for singing.

In 1925, Ignaz Fyuhs offered free to engage with Robert Tranevskim, one of his assistants.

The intense study and work undermined Ignaz health. After a sudden fainting future singer was diagnosed with "acute tuberculosis," which could turn into serious complications for illegal immigrants. With the support and the surety Victor Fyuhsa Ignaz escaped deportation and passed the course of treatment on the mineral waters of Bad Gleichenberg.

On his return to Vienna he was found healthy by doctors. Fyuhs Gruenberg gave the Vienna Academy of Music, where Ignaz from 1926 po1929 years. studied piano, music theory and vocal. Here he heard many great singers of that time. Idol Ignaz became Mattia Battistini, at the Vienna concert which he was able to visit shortly before his death, the "king of baritones." Firmly determined to achieve the same level, Grunberg focused all efforts on to master the bel canto style, however while all his vocal practice limited to singing in the local synagogue, at Jewish weddings and funerals.

Ignaz became chief cantor of the synagogue on Leopoldstrasse in Vienna, is gradually gaining popularity in the entire city. One of the friends of the rabbis gave his operatic debut in the Swiss production of "Turandot" in the role of adviser to Ping.

Later Ignaz became a member of the Czech opera company, where his repertoire consisted Party Tonio, Germont`s father, Figaro, Rigoletto, Renato, Wolfram, and Escamillo Valentine.

The fateful meeting was with the great Wagnerian baritone Hans Hermann Nissen, who conducted the listening in search of young talent. Agent Gunther Nissen Gunbrau Ignazio advised to take the pseudonym "Igor Gorin" in order to ease the path to international recognition.

In 1930 Grunberg under a new name has appeared in opera Teplitz-Schonau, which gave him the right and the opportunity to perform on the stage of the Vienna Volksoper.

Igor Gorin first came to the United States in 1930, not as an opera singer, but as a cantor at the invitation of the synagogue in the city of Providence Rhode Island. Rabbi Jacob Synagogue Zonderling heard singing Gorin in Vienna and was so shocked that invited him to sing Shabbat service and several concerts.

Re-trip took place in 1931

Gorin was concerned about the anti-Jewish sentiment in Germany and Hitler`s growing popularity. In 1933, when Hitler came to power, Gorin tried to get a visa to the United States for himself and his family. But as his family were still in hiding, he was able to get a visa only for himself and left odin.V US Gorin moved in Zonderlinga. On one of the evenings dinner in the home of Rabbi Gorin gave an impromptu concert. One of the guests, David Bandler, a successful businessman, owner of a furniture factory, he heard singing Gorin, immediately decided to become his manager and his former business transfer son.

Bandler used his connections with the leadership of the New York theater Radio City Music Hall, where he began a career American Gorin, who had been declared on the posters as "Viennese baritone Charles Gorin". Later, an agreement was signed for 10 weeks with the broadcasting company NBC on participation in the program