Igor Anichkov

Picture of Igor Anichkov

Date of Birth: 05/23/1897

Age: 80

Place of birth: Borovichi Novgorod province

Citizenship: Russia


Born in the famous noble family (see Anichkova.); father - Eugene V. Anichkov, a historian and philologist, professor of St. Petersburg University, one of the university professors Bloc, which block supports the introduction and advice which has repeatedly used (including the Old French language at work on the drama "The Rose and the Cross"). He spent his childhood in Switzerland, France and the UK (in particular, he studied at the famous Parisian Lycee Michelet), English and French owned at the level of the mother. He graduated from the historical-philological faculty of St. Petersburg University (1915) [1], majored in philosophy of science. Participated in the 1 World War II (in Romanian Front), in the same period, he wrote a textbook riding (manuscript lost); after the revolution, he was mobilized into the Red Army, fought in the detachment Chapayev, he fled to Kolchak; He disappointed in the white movement and was nearly shot for "Bolshevik propaganda". After the Civil War taught English in Krasnoyarsk, and later in St. Petersburg (in "Zubovsky" Institute and other universities). Considering its main business religious philosophy, in the mid-1920s. He wrote a number of works on the general linguistic semantics and invented their "idiomatic" privl