Iben Browning

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Date of Birth: 09/01/1918

Age: 73

Place of birth: Edna

Citizenship: United States

Changes in climate are undermining society

Iben Browning born January 9, 1918 in Edna, Texas (Edna, Texas), and grew up in Jackson County (Jackson County, TX). He graduated from the College of Education of South-West Texas with a degree in mathematics and `fizika` in 1937. During the Second World Browning served in the US Army Air Corps.

He later earned a master`s degree from the University of Texas at Austin (Austin) in 1947 and then a PhD in the same institution. While working on his doctoral dissertation, Browning chose to study zoology area, plus raised genetics and bacteriology.

Browning worked in various scientific fields, including the interest in artificial intelligence and bioinzheneriey.V eventually he became interested in weather forecasting and climate change in the long term. He believed that climate variations caused by changes in the amount of particulate matter in the atmosphere. The main source of such changes is volcanic activity.

Iben believed that volcanic activity can be triggered by the tidal forces of the earth, caused by the Moon, the Earth`s rotation around the sun in an elliptical orbit and location along the line of the three celestial bodies. Its climate forecasts were based on the process of throwing dust in the atmosphere due to the eruptions. The dust reflects sunlight - and causes of climate change in the direction of cooling. Browning believed that climate change, in particular the absorption of heat, affect the stability of human society, including the lead to famine, wars and revolutions.

Its climatic theory and the conclusions he wrote in his book `Climate and the Affairs of Men` 1975, coauthored with Nels Uinklssom III. Browning believed that the Earth was over a long period, when the warm climate prevailed, and that began a dangerous phase of cooling the Earth`s surface. He also said that not found any effect of human activities on climate.

His famous American climatologist received a wrong forecast. He predicted a major earthquake, which was to occur in the zone of influence of the New Madrid fault line 2 or 3 December 1990-th. The news was widely covered in the national media and has caused serious concern among the inhabitants of the Mississippi Valley. However, in this area the planned Browning date there have been no earthquakes.

All in all Browning four books and about 90 patents. He served as a climatologist and a business consultant consulting company `Paine Webber` in various branches of science and technology. He was married to Florence print. The couple had one daughter named Evelyn. The last years of his life Iben held in Albuquerque, New Mexico (Albuquerque, New Mexico). There he died at his home, 74 year of life, 18 July 1991, of a heart attack.

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