Ibarra Velaska

Picture of Ibarra Velaska

Date of Birth: 03/19/1893

Age: 86

Nationality: Ecuador


From a wealthy family. Educated at the Sorbonne (Paris), in 1933 he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies, and became its speaker. He headed the parliamentary opposition to the president X. Measure. In 1934, Parliament declared communicated the results of the presidential elections and declared the presidency vacant. In the elections in September. 1934 was elected president V. However, in August 1935 was dismissed and he emigrated to Colombia. The country has just returned to the movement for the return of the president K. B. Attempts Arroyo to crush the rebellion failed, and in May 1944 he was deposed, and in June 1944 W. declared supreme ruler. In August. 1944 was elected president in March 1946 - the supreme ruler. 02/02/1945 Ecuador declared war on Germany and Japan. In August. 1947 shifted the military and fled to Argentina. In 1952 he returned to Ecuador in September. He was again elected president. He began to pursue a policy of reforms reduced the administrative apparatus, imposed price controls, assisted by the national industry and agriculture, has introduced public works. In August. 1956 lost the election, but in September 1960, won a convincing victory in the elections, as has already been overthrown in a military coup in November 1961. In September 1968, the newly elected president. In June 1970 he dissolved the Congress, abolished the Constitution (Constitution restored 1946). The country has increased the role of the army in February. B. 1972, resigned in protest against the actions of the army command.