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Ian Hamilton (born Ian Hamilton;. 1937 - March 5, 2002) - British geographer, known for work in the field of industrial geography

Ian Hamilton studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he received a Bachelor of Economics. Then, the area of ??his interests shifted to the geography, in 1963 he defended his thesis on changes in social and economic geography of Yugoslavia. In the future, mainly engaged in the study of centrally planned economies (Eastern Europe, the USSR, China), especially the processes of industrialization of Territorial their reflection. Also known as the author of the chapter "Models in the Industry" in the book "Models in geography", edited by Peter Peter Haggett and Richard Chorley (1967), where he summarizes the experience of modeling the development of the industry, summed up the development of this direction in the school of spatial analysis

He taught at the London School of Economics and Political Science from 1961 to 1966 and study at the School of Eastern Europe, where in 1995-2001 he headed the department of sociology. In 1972-84gg. He was the head of the geography of the industry committee of the International Geographical Union. Attended lectures universities in Eastern Europe and the USA.

Major works

Models in industry // Models in geography, 1967

Yugoslavia: patterns of regional change, 1968

Spatial Perspectives on Industrial Organization and Decision Making, 1974

The Planned Economics (Aspects of Geography), 1979

The international division of labour and paradigm debates on the location of economic activity, 1985

editor of several collections of articles devoted to the geography of industry, which were released in 1979-84gg .; collection of Regional development in the USSR: modelling the formation of Soviet territorial-production complexes (1985 together with Mark Bandmanom)