Ian Brooks

Picture of Ian Brooks

Age: 49

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The miraculous healing of cancer patients

`Rare form of non-Hodgkin`s limfomy` - in most cases is not so much a diagnosis as a death sentence. Briton Ian Brooks at the time the latest version of the live diagnosis, according to doctors, was on the strength of a few weeks. Change the situation hardly seemed possible - doctors have tried almost all possible means. Fortunately for Brooks, in this `pochti` and concealed his salvation - through one single magic bullet for 12 weeks Brooks got rid of the 70 deadly tumors throughout the body.

At the moment, Ian Brooks is the only non-American who happens to personally try the new `anti-drug opuholevyy` brentuximab vedotin ( `Brentuximab Vedotin`). The effectiveness of this drug better than many words can say images taken in the hospital. On pervomorganizm Brooks looks like a field losing a battle with cancer; the lymphoma has spread throughout the body, outstretched their metastases and tumor clusters. The second picture was taken just 12 weeks after the first - and it has not seen a single tumor. Distinctive black spots on the second picture there are only two - bladder and kidney; is not the slightest trace of lymphoma in the body Brooks left.

Carried out in the Manchester hospital drug tests were deemed so successful that now means it will be possible to start mass issuing others in need. Alas, complete victory over cancer is early to speak, but the victims of similar forms of Hodgkin`s lymphoma can now contact the Foundation for a cure for cancer (Cancer Drugs Fund). Despite the rarity of the disease, doctors have to work pretty - are now available for data nehodzhkinsaya lymphoma (a form of cancer that affects the lymph nodes in particular) a year is found in about 1,500 people.

Sam Ian Brooks to the current time has not yet fully realized what had happened. According to Jena, without the aid of miracle drug, he would be dead - and the evidence is so gloomy forecast unequivocally confirm. The disappearance of the 70 tumors throughout the body at first glance it is difficult to explain other than magic - even worked with Brooks professional result literally delighted.

Lymphoma in Jena Brooks found in 2001-m. Initially, he responded quite well to standard treatment techniques; alas, completely overcome the disease could not - in 2008, the cancer returned. Ian Brooks went through a few more complex operations - in particular, through the transplantation of stem cells; Alas, at this time, and it is not pomoglo- cancer stubbornly refused to give up, affecting more and more bodies. That total hopelessness of the situation and pushed Brooks step, in many ways, desperate - he decided to take part in testing an experimental agent.

Ian knew that the chances of a miraculous rescue is quite low, however, and could not wait passively imminent demise. The results exceeded even the most optimistic of his hopes - the disease simply vanished, leaving no trace.

As the head of the research program, Professor John Radford (John Radford), the story of Jena Brooks once again confirms the importance of regular clinical trials. Such studies can both save lives directly, and give valuable information, which can further contribute to the creation of new effective drugs.