Ian Brady

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Citizenship: United Kingdom


Ian Brady (Ian Brady) and his partner, Myra Hindley (Myra Hindley), nicknamed `Bog ubiytsami` abducted children. Their sacrifices kept the terrible torture, and then the criminals were buried in the swamp Seddlvort (Saddleworth). On account of couples - five children and adolescents, with the remains of the latest victim - twelve Keith Bennett (Keith Bennett) - have not been found.

Trustee Ian Brady Powell Jackie (Jackie Powell), said she received from him an envelope with a letter in which it is written, where Keith is at rest. Police have arrested a woman and searched her home in the south of Wales (Wales) for ten hours trying to find a sealed envelope. The letter was to get to Winnie Johnson (Winnie Johnson), a mother of 12 years Keith Bennett in the case of Brady`s death. It stated that the murderer handed the envelope for storage sorokadevyatiletney Miss Powell, and she told reporters that the letter might contain a mention of China body location that can not be found from the time of the murder in 1964. But on Friday, August 17 close to the investigation sources said Miss Powell returned the envelope serial killer somewhere between July 30 and her arrest on 16 August.

The search Brady camera in a psychiatric hospital Ashworth (Ashworth Psychiatric Hospital) also did not lead to success.

police are currently studying documents found at home Miss Powell.

But there are fears that letter, if it exists - another mockery Brady over the victims` families.

Martin Bottomley (Martin Bottomley), the head of the Investigative Committee of the County Police Greater Manchester (Greater Manchester), said that Ian Brady did not tell police where the body of China. That which is now occupied by the police - only version. Police did not know whether the letter actually exists, or is this just a mockery, but its debt to China family - vyyasniteto.

Winnie Johnson, despite struggling with bowel cancer, trying to be in the course of the investigation, which concerns her dead son.

As Mr Bottomley said, `Bog ubiytsy` - long and dark shadow in the county`s history. In 2009, the police concluded that there are no reliable information that would help to identify new territory for China body searches. Although the police are not going to give up and will develop more and more new versions, based on the scientific achievements and the resulting information.

Jackie Powell, Brady trustee mentally ill, was taken into custody after ten hours of a search of her home. Neighbors saw five police cars drove up to her house on Thursday and arrested her right on the porch. Officers carried out of the house documents and letters, and the detective saw them outside on the roof of the car Miss Powell.

On the morning of August 17, Jackie told reporters that he could not confirm the existence of the letter. Prior to that, she claimed that she received a letter in the sealed envelope, which was written in the case of `open my smerti`.

`He said he does not want to take secrets to the grave, and inside the envelope - a letter to Winnie Dzhonson`.

Brady is now in prison for kidnapping and killing five children and adolescents, which he made about fifty years ago.

Killer refuses to open the location of the remains of China. The mother of the deceased several times in vain asked Bradley talk about finding the body. Last December, she sent him a letter in which he wrote: `If you still have the heart to tell me where Keith, and it put an end to my suffering sorokasemiletnim. I would like to find and bury it before it will make with mnoy`.

The answer she has not received and expressed his frustration with the words: `He`s just playing with us. I do not vyderzhu`.