Ian And Myra Brady And Hindley

Picture of Ian And Myra Brady And Hindley

Citizenship: United Kingdom


The criminal couple, which the press dubbed `Killers Mur`, was operating during the period from July 1963 to October 1965 in the area now known as Greater Manchester, England (Greater Manchester, England). Their victims were five children 10-17 years of age: Pauline Reid (Pauline Reade), John Kilbride (John Kilbride), Keith Bennett (Keith Bennett), Lesley Ann Downey (Lesley Ann Downey) and Edward Evans (Edward Evans). At least four of the children were sexually assaulted.

Coincidence, Brady and Hindley met each other together to coolly torturing and killing children. Each individually does not represent much of a threat, but the diabolical duo led them to a state of insanity. Their criminal partnership was based on a perverse penchant for cruelty.

Ian Brady (Iain Duncan Stewart / Ian Duncan Stewart) was born on January 2nd 1938 in Glasgow (Glasgow). His work as a waitress 28-year-old mother Maggie Stewart (Maggie Stewart) claimed that Ian`s father was a reporter, who died three months before his son was born. Stewart because of a distressed situation was forced to give the boy to raise local couple, Mary (Mary) and John Sloan (John Sloan), who had their four children. But his childhood it from time to time to visit him. Brady from an early age enjoyed the animal torture: he broke a dog hind legs, the other burned and decapitated a cat.

At nine, Ian came with his family to Loch Lomond (Loch Lomond), and a few months later the family moved to a new home in Pollock (Pollok). At school he was bullied children who were younger than him, and twice appeared as for penetration into someone else`s home before a court for minors. The 15-Th Brady dropped out and went to work. After his girlfriend Evelyn Grant (Evelyn Grant) danced with another, he threatened her with a switchblade knife, and their relationship ended. Shortly before his 17th birthday, Ian was again in the dock, but do not hit behind bars, having a condition to return to her mother, who at that time lived in Manchester (Manchester) and married Pat Brady (Pat Brady), an Irish merchant fruit . Stepfather gave the boy a loader at the market.

Because Ian stole a bag of lead seals, he was sent to prison, first in Hatfield (Hatfield). But after a drunken antics Ian has appeared in more severe conditions in Hull (Hull). After the detention period he spent several hours a day, studied accounting in his room, with great success, and in January 1959 became an office worker, had the reputation among colleagues inconspicuous, punctual and quick-tempered. Leaving reading, Brady also mastered books such as` Learn German sam` ( `Teach Yourself German`) and` Main Kampf` ( `Mein Kampf`), not forgetting the works devoted to the atrocities of the Nazis.

Daughter Nellie (Nellie) and Bob Hindley (Bob Hindley), Myra Hindley, was born on July 23th 1942 and vyroslav Gorton (Gorton). The mother and an alcoholic father constantly beat her in childhood. Their house was so run, that could only sleep in one room. The situation worsened when the sister Myra, Maureen (Maureen) was born in 1946, and 5-year-old Myra fused grandmother, who lived nearby.

Her abusive father went through World War II and served in the Parachute Regiment. He taught the daughter to defend themselves, wishing she could fend for itself. When Hindley was 8 years old, a local boy approached her on the street and scratched her cheeks nails and bleeding. When she ran in tears to his father, he said, `Go and slapped him, or I`ll go down with you skin `!. She found the boy and struck him several successive blows, as taught by her father. It was her first `pobeda`.

In 1961, 18-year-old sexy Hindley took a job as a typist and met with Hitler`s idealized Brady, an interest which is not cool, even when she found out about his criminal record. Yet there came a moment when she was disappointed in him, but Brady invited her to go to the movies, where they looked `Nuremberg protsess` (` Nuremberg Trials`). From that moment on, they often went to the movies X-rated, and after drinking wine in the house of the German Hindley.

Brady`s friend quickly took over his worship the ideals of the Aryan race, dyed blonde and favored a thick crimson lipstick. Later she said: `... (Brady) has convinced me that there is no God at all: he could tell me what zemlyaploskaya, the moon is made of green cheese and the sun rises in the west. And I would have believed him, that`s how great was his strength ubezhdeniya`.

Mayr claimed that Ian began to talk about committing the perfect `ubiystva` in July 1963, focusing on the novel` Prinuzhdenie` ( `Compulsion`) Meyer Levin (Meyer Levin) about two people from wealthy families who were trying to carry out the perfect murder ` `12-year-old boy and escaped the death penalty because of their young age.

Already in the 1990s Hindley said that was involved in the killings because Brady force-fed her drugs and blackmailing pornographic pictures with her image, which he did. She also insisted that Brady had threatened to kill her sister Maureen. And yet, when the court was shown photographs and listened to tapes of torture Lesley Ann Downey, the public `the devil ada` considered Hindley, maintains his innocence.

Described by the press as `the most sinister woman in Velikobritanii`, Hindley repeatedly filed an appeal against the life sentence, saying that it was corrected and does not represent a threat to society. All requests were rejected by the child-killers. Myra died of bronchial pneumonia, at the age of 60 years, in 2002.

Brady was declared insane and sent to a psychiatric hospital Ashworth (Ashworth Hospital) with a high level of security. He made it clear he does not want freedom, and repeatedly asked for that he was executed.