Iakov Gololobov

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Citizenship: Russia


In 1871 he began working in the registrar Korotoyak county police department.

In 1873, promoted to collegiate registrars.

In 1879 he graduated from technical school Alexandrov. He continued his education abroad.

In 1885, the "Mediator" publishing house published his novel "The Thief". The story has become popular, and its author became famous. In 1886 Gololobova elected Zemsky vowels on Korotoyak county.

In 1893 Gololobova appoint temporarily execute the office of the editor of the newspaper "Yekaterinoslavskie Provincial Gazette."

In 1899, James G. appointed censor newspapers "Pridneprovsky edge", "Dnipro wave", "Ekaterynoslavsky leaf." At the same time, he edited and published three collections of "Ekaterinoslav province."

He worked as a journalist for the newspaper "Week", "Russian Gazette", "Voice" magazine: "Northern Herald", "Russian wealth". Was Katerynoslavs`ka vowel City Council.

He was promoted to the position of adviser to the provincial government of Ekaterinoslav. In 1905 he was in Ekaterinoslav one of the organizers of the "People`s Party", who joined the "Union of October 17".

In 1907 Gololobov elected to the State Duma of the third as the Octobrist. In 1909 he came from the faction of the Union of 17 October and set up "a group of right-wing Octobrist".

December 5, 1911 the Duma was asked to Gololobova involvement in the murder of a member of the Duma II Karavayeva doctor. Duma recognized the accusation unfounded.

YG Gololobov was one of the developers of the personal integrity of the law.

In 1912 Gololobov appointed vice-governor of Poltava. In 1915, he was the governor of Volyn province, and in October 1915 he was transferred to the post of governor of the Yenisei province.

He took office December 2, 1915. He remained as governor until March 6, 1917.

May 7, 1916 in Krasnoyarsk there was the first and only in the Yenisei province pogrom. Arrested 26 participants in the pogrom.

During the governorship Gololobova Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical Institute was opened on September 18, 1916 September 21, private gymnasium. In 1916 he began to publish the first in the Yenisei province pedagogical journal "Siberian School".

Governor to mobilize, organize hospitals, places military units and prisoners of war. In Krasnoyarsk alone contains 13 thousand prisoners.

March 2, 1917 at Krasnoyarsk begin to spread rumors of events in Petrograd. March 3 Gololobov returned from Irkutsk, where he presided over a meeting in the provincial administration. March 4, 1917 Governor ill as he was dismissed by order of the Petrograd and placed under house arrest. Police Krasnoyarsk disbanded and replaced by the police. Chairman of the District Court removed from office. In the evening City Council met with representatives of public organizations. Council meeting took place on the stage of the Municipal Theatre.

A committee of public safety. Power passed to the Office of the members of this Committee and the Soviet of Workers`, Soldiers` and Cossacks` Deputies. Representative Office is a well-known public ny figure doktorV. M. Krutovsky.

March 6, 1917 in the apartment Gololobova representatives of the Council of Workers `and Soldiers` Deputies did a search and seized two Browning. Gololobov was arrested by members of the Board of Krasnoyarsk, and in a few days sent to Petrograd. In May 1917 YG Gololobov was released and returned to Ekaterinoslav.

YG Gololobov shot in Yekaterinoslav in late 1918 bands of Makhno. . See Memoirs Nesvitski (about the revolution in Poltava) "January 5, 1919 According to newspaper reports -.. Makhno`s defeat of the gang were shot there in Yekaterinoslav former vice-governor of Poltava Jacob G. Gololobova He was arrested by the Republican headquarters."

The archive of Dnipropetrovsk region found the metric book with accurate account of the death of JG Gololobova - December 18, 1918 and note "Killed". Buried in the cemetery of Sevastopol 20 December 1918 (Gos. Dnepropetr archive. Reg., F. 193, op. 3, d. 461, p. 238-239). Grave to this day has not been preserved. (Message of the death - Maxim Kavun 2008-06-04.)