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Year of birth : 1958

Age: 57 years

Citizenship : United States

The first shoe brand "casual"

In the fashion world are not many companies that can boast of something or inventionsomething really unusual - for the most part, the master of fashion cases actively compile and transform each other`s ideas. Sometimes, however, ingenious breakthroughs do occur ; it has become such a breakthrough shoes in the style of `casual`, introduced the world brand ` Hush Puppies`.

Brand `Hush Puppies` - a true legend of the American fashion world. In 1958-m is the brand created the world`s first shoes in the style of `casual`, thereby laying the foundation of the popular to this day ` legkogo` style. Using elastic suede and light rubber soles of shoes helped develop at the same time soft, comfortable and ` dyshaschie`. For a long time, the footwear industry has not spoiled customers special variety ;the effect was stronger than that produced on the audience new shoes from `Hush Puppies`.

Name your brand has received from the dish `hush puppys`, consisting of deep fried corn tortillas and fish. Name of the dish - approximately translated as ` silent schenyat` - sunk into the soul of one of the representatives of the company ` Wolverine World Wide`;decided to deal with the cause of this strange naming dishes, sales specialist found that farmers use this recipe for calming excessively noisy dogs. By a curious coincidence, the term ` sobaki` barking (barking dogs) at the time was used to describe aching, tired feet ;it was then that a curious thought and seller for the first time about the model of shoes that will be able to soothe tired feet like a dish named.

July 1, 1958 - th was registered trademark ; shortly thereafter, the company acquired - only $ 50 - a photo cute basset hound. From this picture, and then the logo was created ,decorate several million boxes and advertising stands.

For the first time to the public the new shoes was presented at the National Shoe Fair (National Shoe Fair) in Chicago (Chicago) in October 1957. The public reaction has exceeded the expectations of company management - soft ,unobtrusive and yet classic shape style decisions helped `Hush Puppies` remembered by the masses. Retailers quickly appreciated as a popular brand among the masses, and began to actively buy shoes from the manufacturer.

In mid- 1959 the company produced one million pair of shoes ; to 1963-th pair of `Hush Puppies` had a collection of shoes every 10th adult American.

Pretty soon the brand ` rasprobovali` and abroad. At the beginning of 1959 `Hush Puppies` got Warren Beatty (Warren Beatty), Perry Como (Perry Como) and members of the so -called ` rat stai` ; soft and comfortable shoes fit perfectly to their style is quite popular. In 1959, the paired `Hush Puppies` a visit to the United States came the Prince Philip British (Prince Phillip); I wonder what his wife, Queen Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth), the opportunity to acquire a similar pair stood out only after 2 years. Future US President Gerald Ford (Gerald Ford) personally handed a pair of shoes for the golf course from `Hush Puppies` President Dwight Eisenhower (Dwight Eisenhower).

In 1960, `Hush Puppies` became the official shoes Winter and Summer Games in Rome (Rome) and Innsbruck (Innsbruck). Business people and rock musicians ,royals and sellers in supermarkets - new shoes enjoyed great success in a variety of social groups and strata of. Suggested footwear from `Hush Puppies` granted and relatively younger generation.

Do not label lost its relevance in the future. By 1990 th company`s popularity has reached such a level ,Mikhail Gorbachev that he offered `Hush Puppies` become the first American company that produces and sells shoes in the Soviet Union.

Today the brand continues to hone and upgrade existing equipment and methods ; even 55 years after the launch of `Hush Puppies` are all the same modern and unconventional. brand products are currently available all over the world, in 120 different countries.

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