Honolulu Strangler

Picture of Honolulu Strangler

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The first victim of the strangler was the 25-year-old Vicki Gail Purdy (Vicki Gail Purdy), the wife of the pilot of army helicopter Gary Purdy (Gary Purdy). The woman went to a nightclub in Waikiki (Waik & # 299; k & # 299;) May 29, 1985 th, where she was to meet up with friends. Unfortunately, the meeting did not take place, and Pardee taxi reached the hotel `Shorebird`, apparently to pick up your car from the hotel parking lot. The taxi driver turned out to be the last person to see her alive.

The next morning, Pardee`s body was found in a mound on Kihi Lagoon (Keehi Lagoon). On the victim was a yellow jumpsuit. Her hands were tied behind his back; a woman was raped and then strangled. Gary Purdy told police of his suspicions. He believed that her death may be associated with its work in the video porn, where a year ago, two women were killed.

The second victim, 17-year-old Regina Sakamoto (Regina Sakamoto), went to school Leilehua High School. January 14, 1986 the first she did not have time on a bus out of town Waipahu (Waipahu) in school. Last time she was heard at 7:15 am her boyfriend, whom she phoned to say that will be too late. Her body was found on January 15 Kihi Lagoon. She was wearing a blue shirt and white T-shirt, but the lower part of the body was covered with nothing. As in the case of the first victim, Sakamoto hands were tied behind his back. She was a victim of sexual violence, and then strangled her. The police suspected that things Purdy and Sakamoto combines image deystviya` `(` modus operandi`) offender.

The third victim, 21-year-old Denise Hughes (Denise Hughes), worked as a secretary at the phone company. She went to work in the city by bus and participated actively in the activities of its Christian church. Until January 30, Hughes did not go to work; February 1 three young fisherman found her dead in the waters Moanalua (Moanalua). Her decomposing body, dressed in a blue dress, was wrapped in a blue tarp. Woman with tied hands was raped and strangled. Thereafter, on February 5 the police formed a group to catch a serial killer.

Fourth victim, 25-year-old Louise Medeiros (Louise Medeiros), lived in Waipahu. She went to Kauai (Kauai), to see his family after the death of her mother. A woman bought a ticket on the night flight back to Oahu on March 26 said a family that will go from the airport to the bus home. She stepped out of the plane - and was gone. Her decomposing body was found April 2 road workers near the river Vaykel Stream (Waikele stream). Related Medeiros was dressed in a blouse, but the lower part was unclothed body. After the fourth corpse police decided to set up an ambush, the so-called `` catch on live bait, using female police officers, arranged around Honolulu International Airport (Honolulu International Airport) and Kihi Lagoon.

Finally, the latest victim was the strangler 36-year-old resident of Honolulu Linda Pesce (Linda Pesce). According to her neighbors, she left the evening of April 29 at work. At 7:00, half an hour later, her car was parked on the side of the highway H-1. Pesce neighbor reported her missing on 30 April. After this 43-year-old white man told police that a psychic told where the body Pesce. When police arrived on May 3 Sand Island (Sand Island), in the place, just above the informant, it did not find the body. However, searching the island, police found the body yet Pesce. The woman was completely naked, her hands were tied behind his back.

Hawaii Police Department (HPD) February 5 established a task force of 27 people, using the FBI`s assistance, as well as target group Green River (Green River). According to the profile of the killer, should look trimmer, attacking vulnerable women in places such as bus stops. It is also assumed that he lives or works in Waipahu, or Sand Island. The police blocked the road to interview passengers, who often use the services of vehicles. Witnesses said they saw a bright white van and man (or mixed) race with the car Pesce.

After the body was found on May 9 the police also arrested the informant, who became the prime suspect. His ex-wife and current girlfriend described it as a `blank boltuna`. They also told that both were involved in his sadomasochistic games, engaging in sex with him with his hands tied behind his back. His girlfriend told me that he was out at home when the murder was committed. The suspect lived in Ewa Beach (Ewa Beach) and worked as a mechanic near Lagoon Drive (Lagoon Drive). Between 8:00 pm and 3:00 am, he was tested on a polygraph and, in the end, he was released.

Police put up a reward of $ 25,000 in exchange for information about the killer. Over the suspect he was under surveillance. Two months after the arrest of a suspect showed up some woman claimed to have seen a person with Pesce in the day of her murder. It has successfully identified the suspect from the provided list of photos, but refused to be a witness, because I was sure that he could see it as well.

After that, these murders occurred. The award has not found its owner. The suspects fled to the mainland. The thing fell. In 2005 gozhu suspect has died in California (California) or in Tennessee (Tennessee).