Hildegarda Bingenskaya

Picture of Hildegarda Bingenskaya

Citizenship: Germany


Hildegard was born in 1098 g in Bermersheim in what is now Rhineland-Hesse (according to other sources, in Bekelheyme), in a family of nobles who served Graf von Shponhaym. It was the tenth child of their parents, and Mechtild Childebert. At the age of 8 years, it was given to the education of a nun Jutta, the sister of Count Meinhard von Shponhayma. When Hildegarde was 14, she and Jutta settled in the women`s monastery at Bingen under the auspices of Gdansk male Benedictine monastery, dedicated to the CB. Dizibodu. Education Hildegard cover at least the elementary classes on the Bible and patristic Latin, the seven liberal arts and liturgy of the Benedictines.

After the death of Jutta von Shponhaym in 1136 Hildegard took over the leadership of the women`s monastic community - at that time in the monastery there were about ten nuns. In 1147-1152 gg. it has made the construction of the monastery under Rupertsberg Bingen, where and transferred the community. In 1165 the monastery was established a branch in Aybingene preserved until now, where novices were accepted and nedvoryanskyh origin.

Hildegard lifetime differed poor health, which contributed to her intense inner life. From his youth, she had a vision, which she initially told only her mentor Jutta. At the age of forty-two years, Hildegard, in her own words, received a divine command to write down their vision. After much doubt she consulted with her confessor, who showed her the recording Abbot. At the insistence of the abbot and the local archbishop Hildegard continued recording and for ten years has recorded 26 visions that made up her work