Henry Ward Beecher

Picture of Henry Ward Beecher

Date of Birth: 06/24/1813

Age: 73

Birth Place: Litchfield

Citizenship: United States


Henry Ward Beecher, the son of a Presbyterian preacher from Boston (Boston), was born on June 24, 1813 in Litchfield, Connecticut (Litchfield, Connecticut), and the eighth of nine children in the family. His mother died when he was three years old. Some of his brothers and sisters have become very famous people. So, Henry - the younger brother of writer Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe (Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe), known from the book `Hut Toma` uncle (Uncle Tom`s Cabin, 1852), with whom he was particularly close and very friendly throughout life . Catherine Beecher (Catharine Beecher) and the Rev. Thomas K. Beecher (Thomas K. Beecher) became respected teachers, Charles Beecher (Charles Beecher) and Isabella Beecher Hooker (Isabella Beecher Hooker) were well-known public activists.

Children priest, all Beecher increased in severity. The family not only prayed at the beginning and end of each day, and sang hymns, and participated in prayer meetings, attended lectures and other church events. In their home did not celebrate Christmas and birthdays, so as not to give the will of folly, the father forbade dancing, theater, and all the books that he considered frivolous. Henry grew up a shy child with an illegible diction, and his father insisted that he studied oratory. He studied at a boarding school in Amherst, Massachusetts (Amherst, Massachusetts), and the Boston Latin School (Boston Latin School), in 1834 he graduated from Amherst (Amherst College) College and in 1837 earned a degree in Theological Seminary Lane (Lane Theological Seminary) in Cincinnati, Ohio (Cincinnati, Ohio), which was led by his father. In 1837-1839 Henry was a priest in Lourensburge, Indiana (Lawrenceburg, Indiana), then in 1847 served as pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis (Indianapolis). He was then appointed as the first minister of the new kongretsionalistskoy Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York), and moved there with his wife and three children. Beecher`s fame on the teaching career made him editor of several religious magazines.

Henry Ward Beecher was a supporter of women`s suffrage, temperance movement, the Darwinian theory of evolution, the Chinese immigration, as well as the enemy of slavery and bigotry of all kinds - religious, racial and social. Beecher also believed that Christianity should adapt to the changing conditions of life and culture. Before the Civil War, he spent the money to buy guns for the opponents of slavery in Kansas City (Kansas) and Nebraska (Nebraska), and with the beginning of the war, his church gathered volunteers regiment and bought everything you need for them.

A strong personality, charismatic, flamboyant orator with manly appearance, Beecher attracted not only the soul, but the hearts of many young women. Despite the scandal in the 70s of the 19th century, when Elizabeth Tilton (Elizabeth Tilton), wife of the poet, publisher, and abolitionist Theodore Tilton (Theodore Tilton), confessed to her husband that she had an affair with Beecher, Henry Beecher to end of life remained the most popular public figure on a national scale.

He died of a cerebral hemorrhage March 8, 1887 in Brooklyn, at age 73, leaving his wife Eunice (Eunice Bullard) and four of their nine children.