Henry Vi

Picture of Henry Vi

Date of Birth: 06/12/1421

Age: 49

Place of Birth: Windsor Castle

Citizenship: Italy


Gay & # 769; nrih VI - the son of the Emperor Frederick I, b. in 1165. Since 1184 he substituted for his father, first in Germany, and since 1186, after his marriage to Constance, heiress of Sicily - and in Italy.

When his father in 1189 went on a crusade, it was transferred to the general rule. First of all, Henry had to endure a fight with Henry the Lion, who voluntarily returned from exile. Upon learning that the Sicilian barons chose the vacant after the death of King William II of the Sicilian throne Count Tancred of Lecce, illegitimate son of Constance`s brother, Henry reconciled with Henry the Lion and hurried to Italy. Here he drew on his side of the Lombards, endeared himself to the Romans, and was crowned by Pope Celestine III of, and then invaded the kingdom of Sicily. Resistance extended to Naples, and the plague appeared in the army of the emperor was forced to retreat. Returning to Germany, he received a rich legacy left after the death of Duke Welf VI.

Having Swabia his brother Conrad, Henry has taken a new campaign in Italy in order to achieve a close connection with German Sicilian crown. Tancred died in 1194; his minor son William III was proclaimed king, and the queen Sybil appointed regent. At this time, no resistance Naples, Salerno was taken by storm, Sicily also resigned, and in November 1194 the emperor solemnly joined in Palermo, where he was crowned the Sicilian crown. Sybil and Wilhelm renounced their rights after they had been promised the county of Lecce and Tarentum. But soon Henry under the pretext of an open conspiracy allegedly ordered to seize and imprison the monastery Queen Sibylla and her daughter, Wilhelm also blind and castrate; even the corpse desecration Tancred was betrayed, and all adherents of the Norman royal house were captured and executed.

Returning to Germany, Henry stopped arisen during his absence feuds, and came to the Diet in Wurzburg and Mainz in 1196, demanding recognition of the German crown hereditary in his house. Faced with the resistance of the spiritual princes and the Pope, he could only make his proclamation of the German King Frederick the two year old son. Then he went to the south and with a special intention of the German Crusade, for which he recruited many of the princes, and to extend its authority in the East. He has paid tribute to the Moorish rulers of North Africa and the Greek Emperor Alexius III, who will cast from the throne of his brother Isaac. It had to introduce throughout the state a special tax, called "alamanskoy" (& # 902 For the payment of tribute; & # 955; & # 945; & # 956; & # 945; & # 957; & # 953; & # 954; & # 972; & # 957;), and to remove the jewels from the imperial tombs in Constantinople.

After suppressing the revolt with great cruelty in Sicily, Henry wanted to follow the army of the Crusaders. In late summer 1197 he arrived in Messina, to be present in person in the administration of the Crusade. huge for that time was assembled fleet, which had, perhaps, its purpose is not the holy places, and Constantinople. But at that moment a young, full of energy, Henry fell ill with fever and died in September 1197. He was buried in the cathedral in Palermo kafedalnom.