Henry Gudzon

Picture of Henry Gudzon

Date of Birth: 1550

Age: 61

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Between Greenland and Spitsbergen ice was detained and turned back.

Setting a record of free promotion on the north 800 23`, prodeozhavshiysya 158 years.

About Henry Hudson (1550-1611), we know very little. Researchers have found mention of the fact that John Davis expedition to America in 1585 was planned in the house of one John Hudson in London Istende. Consequently, Henry was his son or relative, very competent and knowledgeable sailor, otherwise London "Muscovite Company" * (also called "Russian company", * organized in London by Sebastian Cabot and other London merchants for the systematic trade with Russia. I sent several expedition to search for the Northeast passage.) would not have trusted him with ships for the trip to America.

In 1607, Hudson had gone to sea in search of the way to China and India via the Arctic, bypassing the Spanish and Portuguese possessions. Hudson went first to the north along the eastern coast of Greenland, but stumbled on the icy barrier and turning east along the edge of the ice, went to the islands Newland (now Svalbard).

Here he was able to go up to 80