Henrih Padva

Picture of Henrih Padva

Date of Birth: 02/20/1931

Age: 85

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Genrikh Padva Pavlovich was born on February 20, 1931 Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Law and Kalinin Pedagogical Institute; 1971 - lawyer of the Moscow City Bar Association; since 1985 - a member of its presidium and the director of the Institute of Advocacy at the Moscow Bar Association; 1989 - Vice-President of the Union of Soviet lawyers; 1990 - Vice-President of the International Union of Lawyers. Author of publications on the law; for his contribution to the development of the Russian legal profession in 1998, he was awarded the Gold Medal. F.N.Plevako.

Genrikh Padva Pavlovich began to practice law in the former Soviet Union almost 50 years ago. Has authority outstanding lawyer, for the years of law practice mnogochislennyhklientov represented, among them - the major newspapers and magazines (publishing house "Kommersant", "Ogonyok", "News" and OE), well-known Russian and foreign companies ( "PepsiCo", "Citibank "," Renaissance Capital "," Cambridge Capital "," Holding Moscow "," Center KNIT - Kaluga Zastava "and OE), famous people (family of Andrei Sakharov, the family of Vladimir Vysotsky and OE)," Menatep "and other leading Russian banks.

Among the well-known cases G. Padva - protection A. Lukyanov (former chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR), J. Jakubowski, E. Bychkova (former Chairman Roskomdragmeta Russia), Borodin (Administrator of the President of Russia), L. Weinberg (known businessman ), P. Karpov (former Deputy Director General of the Federal Office for insolvency (bankruptcy)), Ivanenko (First Deputy Chairman of the State Property Committee of the Russian Federation), A. Bykov (Chairman of the Board of Directors of KrAZ); representation of interests in court, Ms. Ivinskaya (inheritance case Pasternak), a case of defamation by Del American businessman T., P. Pashkov matter associated with the legacy of Chaliapin.

GP Padva - one of the organizers and initiators of creation of the Union of lawyers, lawyers actively defended the status of independence of the former Soviet Union.

Henry Pavlovich Padva is vice president of International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates, which unites Russian lawyers and lawyers of countries - members of the CIS, and the vice-president of the International Union of Lawyers, which brings together lawyers of different countries in the world with headquarters in France.

For a great contribution to the development of the legal system, a multi-year legal practice aimed at the protection of civil rights and freedoms, in 1999, Genrikh Padva, was awarded an honorary "Public Recognition".

During 2001, the most well-known and high-profile cases GP Padva steel case of Pavel Borodin, Anatoly Bykov, Yevgeny Bychkov, the suit Seliverstov to Guvakovoy and oak (about the apartment of the deceased professor Ivasheva), at the suit of the heirs to the Pasternak Ivinskaya (beloved Pasternak) , Grizaka (accused of murdering his wife and child and acquitted by the court).