Henrih Guise

Picture of Henrih Guise

Date of Birth: 12/31/1550

Age: 37

Citizenship: France


In 1526-1529 gg. Henry was with his older brother instead of his father at the court of King Charles V of Spain as a hostage. In 1531, Henry married Catherine de Medici. Having become the heir to the throne after the death of his brother, Henry took in 1542 the command of the army, which besieged Perpignan. In his reign, he pursued with fire and sword, is amplified in the country Protestantism. The war with England he continued after his father`s death, and he graduated from it in 1550 returning Boulogne.

Already in 1548 he was again with Charles V in barely concealed hostility. No hindrance from England, he entered into an alliance with the German Protestants. While kakMorits Saxon changed Carlos V, Henrik suddenly attacked Lorraine, Toul and Verdun won and took Nancy; the French were able to capture and Mets, but the attack was repulsed at Strasbourg. Charles V besieged with significant Metz army which bravely and successfully defended the Duke of Guise. In 1554, Henry 3 put armies that ravaged Artois, Gennegau and Luttich and repeatedly smashed the imperial troops.

In Italy, Heinrich also waged war with his 1552. Marshal Brissac successfully acted in Piedmont. Franco-Turkish fleet was involved in the conquest of Naples; but this attempt failed. In 1556 it was signed the 5-year truce with the Emperor; but Pope Paul IV decided that the French court has the right to violate the truce, and in the following year the Duke of Guise marched to Italy to conquer Naples. Enterprise is a complete failure.

More unsuccessfully led Henry to the Netherlands border war. Constable Montmorency, hastened to the aid of besieged St. Quentin, was defeated and with the best part of the French aristocracy was captured by the Spaniards. However, in 1558 Guise managed to take away from Calais and the British to capture the fortress of Thionville, but defeat at Gravelingene stopped the progress of the French. As a prisoner in Kato Kambrezi world Henry he was compelled to return the Piedmont and left only zasoboy Calais. A special article of the contract oblige Henry to pursue evangelical church; to strengthen friendly ties Henry gave his eldest daughter in marriage to Philip II.

In celebration of the wedding, Henry`s daughter arranged a 3-day tournament. On the second evening, Henry joined the battle with Count Montgomery, with a lance of Count broken shell of the enemy; splinters the spear stuck into the king`s forehead and also hit in the eye. A few days later, on July 10, 1559, Henry died of the wounds, despite the assistance provided by the best doctors of the time, including the anatomist Vesalius. Contemporaries believed that the death of the king was predicted by Nostradamus.