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Date of Birth: 03/11/1963

Age: 53

Citizenship: Italy

Heinz Beck: Cooking without borders

Roman restaurant La Pergola, the owner and chef Heinz Beck, which is, since 2005, consistently confirms its three-star status, and is officially recognized as the best restaurant in the Italian capital. In addition, the restaurant La Pergola belongs to a record score of 98 points (out of 100) in the guide Gambero Rosso, a Heinz Beck - alone among chefs gold medal Foyer Artists Award, awarded to La Sapienza University and the author of eight best-selling books on the impact of food on health status. Restaurants Heinz Beck exist across Europe - from London Apsleys,, awarded a Michelin star in 2010, to the Portuguese Gusto. This gives the chef every reason to believe that cooking has no boundaries.

Heinz Beck was born on November 3, 1963, simultaneously with his twin brother, Herman. He dreamed of art school and drawing pictures, but Beck Sr. believed that such activity can be regarded only as a hobby and source of wealth for Heinz to become a family hotel business. Then Heinz stated that he is a chef, then immediately Herman expressed the same desire. Father reconciled brothers, tossing a coin, and with 15 years of German he studied Hotel Management and Heinz - cooking. He first graduated from the vocational school in Passau (Bavaria), then went to raise skills in the cozy Portals Nous, located in Mallorca, and in 1991 became a member of the Berlin team Residenz Heinz Winkler, where he became assistant to the legendary Heinz Winkler, has been organizing events for the presidential headquarters -Apartments. In 1993, Heinz Beck`s father called home, engage in family hotel, but he said that more work two years in Italy - and stayed there until now. He became the executive chef at the recently opened Rome Hotel `Cavalieri` restaurant La Pergola, and rose to the position of chef in a few years. In 2000, Heinz Beck was awarded the Medal of La Sapienza, and received two stars `Mishlen`, and in 2005 added to them is another. In addition, the American Academy of Hospitality awarded celebrity chef award `Five Star Diamond Award`, and guide` Gambero Rosso` awarded it a very high rating. And these estimates are not inflated. La Pergola restaurant with a terrace which overlooks the Cathedral of St. Paul, a refined food, extensive vinotheque (more than 50 thousand bottles), and nearly thirty species of water. Antique chandeliers made of bronze, antique furniture, Sevres porcelain - atmosphere of the restaurant attracts the finest cuisine connoisseurs, and place in the Heinz Beck restaurant reserved in advance. Not being a professional sommelier, Heinz Beck passed special training is already at work chef. In its recommendations on the choice of wine for a particular dish can be no doubt, as evidenced by the premium Grand Award, awarded him an authoritative edition of Wine Spectator. In addition, wine curator La Pergola is Marco Reitano, Best Italian Sommelier (according to Oscar del Vino).

Artistic talent Hanytsa Beck did not leave him, and at the chef. It is a lot of time to the beauty of the interior, serving and decoration of dishes inspired by the beautiful Italian landscape, art and architecture. Heinz Beck calls his kitchen `evropeyskoy`, but it can be argued that it is the foundation of the Mediterranean tradition, with extensive use of olive oil, herbs, seafood. The basic concept of the famous chef is an absolute freshness and the highest quality products; Vegetables and fruits should be fully ripe, and their consistency - perfect. He is an ardent supporter of a healthy lifestyle, it is widely promoted his views on the relationship of health and nutrition. Beck was a member of several scientific projects of the University La Sapienza and published several books on the impact of nutrition on the development of diabetes, hypertension, childhood obesity. Celebrity chef comes up with 80 new recipes a year, trying to make each dish unique. One of his most famous recipes are well-known spaghetti `karbonara` cooked on the contrary - in the form of pastes` fagotelli` stuffed soft and light sauce, drop-down in the mouth flavors of real fireworks. In the menu of its restaurants Heinz Beck uses only local produce and herbs from our own greenhouses; if in some dish consists of imported ingredients, it necessarily communicates to visitors. Although the chef is not a proponent of molecular gastronomy, he often uses some of the techniques of avant-garde design of dishes, such as liquid nitrogen.

The famous chef has made no secret of his skill. He not only accepts professionals for training, but also conducts master classes open to everyone in the winery Castello Banfi (Tuscany). One of the most ambitious of workshops held in 2008, when Heinz Beck and his sous-chef Guido Haverkok told about 20 dishes of his restaurant and gave detailed instructions on how they can prepare for the home or corporate event. Workshops Beck and his pupil Antonio Stramello held in Russia in the framework of the International Exhibition of restaurant business `PIR`. Heinz Beck calls himself a happy man, because he likes to cook, and he was happy to do it every day. The chef admits that she loves chocolate, and often cooks for his family`s chocolate cake - such as a child.

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