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Date of Birth: 09/11/1913

Age: 86

Place of birth: Vienna

Citizenship: Austria

The history of the first frank scenes

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Hedwig was born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary (Vienna, Austria-Hungary); she was the only child of banker Emil Kiesler (Emil Kiesler) and his wife Gertrud (Gertrud).

In 10 years, Headey started learning to play the piano. For a while she was able to work with yourself Max Reinhardt (Max Reinhardt); Lamarr called the `most beautiful woman in Evrope`. As a teenager, Hedy began to play leading roles in German films; she had ever share the screen with stars level Ruhm Heinz (Heinz R & # 252; hmann) and Hans Moser (Hans Moser).

At the beginning of 1933 Headey starred in the acclaimed film Mahata Gustav (Gustav Machat & # 253;) Ekstaz` `(` Ecstasy`). 10-minute swim in the lake in the woods and close-up of her face during orgasm by the standards of modern cinema scenes are virtually harmless; at that time, however, it was the height of candor.

August 10, 1933 on the 19th-year Lamarr married the Viennese gunsmith Mandla Friedrich (Friedrich Mandl). The husband was older Headey 13 years and the man was very powerful; Of course, the story of the film `Ekstaz` his taste did not come strictly. Mandl Headey forced to forget about an acting career; however, it is thanks to him Lamarr found a new vocation. My husband often took her to meetings with technicians and business partners; Headey good early childhood knew the math, so prohodivshiena meetings negotiations it is relatively clear. Of course, to call special meetings of visiting such a spectacular entertainment has been difficult; however, have much choice Lamarr was not - the husband simply did not let her out of the castle.

How long continue so stressful marriage, of course, could not. In 1937 Lamarr changed into one of her maids and fled from the castle; it should be noted that on the whole story, we only know from the words of the most Headey. Anyway, getting to Paris (Paris), Headey has managed to get a divorce; Lamarr then moved to London. In London, the actress met with Louis Meyer (Louis Bart Mayer) - and was soon able to return to the set. In the same period Hedwig Kiesler-Mandl preidumala pseudonym; the name of the actress `pozaimstvovala` from one of the stars of silent movies, Barbara La Marr (Barbara La Marr).

In Hollywood films Headey appeared as usually as passionate seductress. She made her debut in American cinema Lamarr in 1938, in the film `Alzhir` (` Algiers`). In 1940, Headey starred with Clark Gable (Clark Gable) and Spencer Tracy (Spencer Tracy) in `Noisy gorod` (` Boom Town`); in the same year Lamarr again had a chance to cross from Gable - this time on the set of `Comrade Iks` (` Comrade X`). In 1942, Headey starred in `Plain Tortilya` (` Tortilla Flat`) c Tracy and John Garfield (John Garfield) and `White gruz` (` White Cargo`). It `White gruz` and became the most famous of the era of film Lamarr` MGM`.

In total, during the period from 1940 to 1949-th Lamarr starred in 18 films; as an active set of activities has not prevented even the birth of two children. From `MGM` Headey left in 1945; her most successful film was released in 1949, `Samson and Dalila` (` Samson and Delilah`).

After the comedy `My favorite shpion` (` My Favorite Spy`) actress career slowly went downhill; After 1950, she appeared on the screen only sporadically.

Acting operations glorified Headey, but now it has brought immortality, oddly enough, the scientific activity. As mentioned above, good Lamarr knew mathematics and the efforts of her first husband is well versed in weapons. Further development of its ability to get after the meeting with avant-garde composer and inventor named George Antheil (George Antheil). After a brief conversation Antheil realized that his interlocutor much smarter than it seems at first glance. automatic control ideas musical instruments were further developed in the direction of a completely unexpected - Lamarr and Antheil developed a special information transmission system. The first pseudo-random technique restructuring operating frequency `Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum` has been applied in practice in mechanical piano; after some time the technique has shown to representatives of the fleet - however, they evaluated it in full only after 20 years. In 1962, US warships have used frequency hopping during the blockade of Cuba (Cuba); to 1997 and machinery remained virtually unknown. Now rearrangement frequency is widely used in a number of the most popular technologies of wireless data transmission - such as Bluetooth, CDMA and COFDM.

For a while, Lamarr was planning to join the National Inventors Council (National Inventors Council); good people, however, advised her to use his celebrity status to sell war bonds. The idea turned out to be extremely well - known that Headey somehow managed to collect 7000000 dollars for just one event. In Germany, the birthday Lamarr - 9 November - now considered `Happy izobretatelya`.

In the `70s glory Lamarr gradually come to naught. Headey several times suggested scenarios, roles in commercials and stage projects; Unfortunately, none of the proposals received Lamarr and not interested. Excessive popularity eventually bored Headey; namely the desire to avoid excessive attention of others - along with problems with vision - Lamarr forced to move to Miami Beach, Florida (Miami Beach, Florida). Hedy Lamarr died on January 19, 2000 th; at the time of the death of the great inventor was 86 years old.

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