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Date of Birth: 09/25/1961

Age: 55

Birthplace: Westwood

Citizenship: France

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Heather Locklear (full name Heather Deen Locklear) was born September 25, 1961 in the town of Westwood (California) and became the youngest in the family, which already were growing up, two girls and one boy. Her mother, Diane, born Tinzli, was directly related to the cinema - she worked as an assistant to the famous Disney. The girl`s father, William Robert Locklear, served as a naval officer, and after retirement he held an administrative position in the University of California. The family held the traditions of discipline, hard work and respect for religion, so as a child Heather not even dreamed of a career of actress - she wanted to become a pilot. However, as many recognized the beautiful girl in my childhood was the `ugly utenkom` - bad skin, painful thinness, uneven teeth, which had for a long time to straighten, also from the constant ridicule of classmates girl was very closed. On his father`s advice, she attended drama club and singing in the choir. Perhaps because of received artistic skills, and possibly natural data to the graduating class, Heather`s appearance has changed dramatically for the better, and she even decided to try himself in the modeling industry; In addition, after graduation she went to college at the University of California, where she became a serious study of the psychologist profession. Although short stature (165 cm), advertising pictures and videos Heather attracted the attention of Hollywood producers, and she began to receive invitations to bit parts in movies.

The high point of the young actress came in 1981 when director Aaron Spelling asked her to participate in the second season of `Dinastiya`. Execution of the role of the beautiful and at the same selfish and cunning Samantha Josephine Dean transformed Heather. Luxury blond hair, dazzling smile, huge blue eyes, careful makeup, slender but curvy figure - the image of the actress successfully saves for the past three decades. But, perhaps, the main thing in her appearance has become a self-confidence in their beauty and `zvezdnom` status, which has since never left the face Heather Locklear.

From 1982 to 1985, she started acting in another TV series - drama `` politseyskoy` TJ Huker` in which her partner was Linda Evans and William Shatner. Heather played a young woman officer Stacy Sheridan, and police uniforms did not look less attractive than in the open bathing suit or evening dress. Becoming a recognized TV star Heather Locklear tried to act also in the movies, but little success she could not, and for his role in the disastrous film `Return marsh tvari` actress even won` Golden malinu`.

In 1986, Heather Locklear was married to musician Tommy Lee, but the marriage was unsuccessful. Alcoholism, physical abuse and frequent her husband`s infidelity led to divorce in 1993. By this time of shooting `Dinastii` have already been terminated, but Heather could not only save your rating, but even to surpass it.

In 1990 she was invited to star in the TV series` Melrose Pleys`. The narrative of the life of New York yuppies, did not initially attracted much attention of viewers, with the appearance on screen of Amanda Woodward, who played Heather Locklear, gained incredible popularity - the show was nominated for four Golden globus` `. Insidious intrigues, frank sex scenes, shocking situation - everything connected to Amanda, caused an incredible success with the audience. Screen complement and sexy outfit - bright and fitting. Heather did not long remain alone - in 1994 she married guitarist `Bon Dzhovi` Richie Sambora. Their daughter, Ava Elizabeth, born in 1997, inherited the beauty of his mother. However, this marriage, too, was unhappy - the couple broke up in 2005, and officially divorced in 2007. That same year, Heather Locklear announced her engagement with partner `Melrose Pleys` Jack Wagner, but the relationship between them did not exist.

Broadcast `Melrose Pleys` ended in the spring of 1999, and Heather was immediately invited into the comedy series` spin-siti`. The role of Caitlin Moore, the political manager of the company, earned her a nomination for `Golden globus`, but after the termination of the television series in 2002, the actress`s career went into decline. She starred in several films and television series, but with little success they had. More and more often we talked about her obsession with alcohol and drugs. In 2008, Heather Locklear tried to commit suicide and was treated in a psychiatric clinic. Repeated attempts suicide actress taken in 2012, already after the remake of `Melrose Pleys` with her participation had no success with audiences.

However, despite such difficult circumstances and those years, Heather Locklear continues to maintain a great appearance, a slim figure and a smooth face. She denies ever done plastic surgery (which is confirmed by its expert analysis of the photos), gladly posing in short tight dresses and swimsuits. actress daughter started modeling at age 12, and in the photographs often present with the mother.

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