Heather Brooke

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Age: 45

Place of birth: Pennsylvania | grazhd | = United Kingdom

Nationality: | mesto_r | = PensilvaniyaVelikobritaniya

As British MPs accused of embezzlement ...

Heather Rose Brook was born in 1970 in Pennsylvania, United States (Pennsylvania, USA), but has dual citizenship. She grew up in Seattle, Washington (Seattle, Washington), for a time lived in England, and then in 15 years, returned to the United States. Brook studied at the Faculty of Communication at Washington University, where she graduated in 1992 with a degree in journalism and politics.

Brooke year worked on the newspaper `Spokesman-Review`, then became a criminal reporter for the newspaper` Spartanburg Herald-Journal`, where reported murders investigated in South Carolina (South Carolina). After the lighting of about 300 `mokryh` Affairs Heather realized that fully` peregorela`. She threw journalism and when her mother died in a car accident in 1996, moved to the UK.

Brooke arrived in Warwick University, relying on a master`s degree in English literature, and settled with her husband in East London (East London), where she became a copywriter BBC. She became a zealous activist in his area, and said that local officials were extremely hostile to the people, if we draw a comparison with the local authorities in the United States.

With the adoption of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Brooke start to work on a book explaining how to use this same law. Reissued in 2004, a book called `Your Right to Know: A Citizen`s Guide to Freedom of Information`. In 2006, a revised version was released in paperback and hardcover with a foreword by Ian Hislop (Ian Hislop).

In January 2005, Brooke first requested to disclose all the costs of the Parliament of 646 members, but the House of Commons stated that it is too expensive. Then in 2006, she moderated the ardor - and urged to give information on the 10 deputies Party leader and several ministers. She was refused, and in July 2006, Heather has called for help on Information Commissioner Richard Thomas (Richard Thomas). A year passed before the commissioner decided to make public some information June 15, 2007-th. However, the publication costs of some deputies had made only 23 May 2008, after the decision of the High Court.

House of Commons announced that full disclosure of all expenses of deputies will be available July 1, 2009-th. In May 2009, the newspaper `The Daily Telegraph` acquired not edited data on MPs expenses, including details that reveal the practice of` perekidyvaniya`, ie change the registered addresses to bypass the main taxes and incomes, shelter costs. Etoprivelo to several resignations of deputies and national scandal.

Today Brooke continues to blog on the press and freedom of information, plus speaker at various conferences. In 2011, her book `The Revolution Will Be Digitised` on the study of the computer world, hackers, Internet informants and democratic activists. It also held a deep study of the organization `Wikileaks`.

Brooke said: `From my own reports and campaigns related to the right to information, I was absolutely clear that society is undergoing a radical transformation. The amount of knowledge in the world is now so huge, and the technology is so adept at duplication (data) with a zero value, that no government, company or organization can hope to keep the information under its kontrolem`.