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Year of birth : 1984

Age: 31 year

Place of birth : San Francisco, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


One of the most remarkable teams of the second wave of trash on the west coast of the USA is a group of "Heathen". EE style characterized by high-speed riffs and melodic vocals. The band was formed in late 1984 under the influence of gangs such as "Rainbow", "Metallica", "Exodus" and representatives of the NWOBHM. The idea of ??creating a "Heathen" belonged to the guitarist Lee Eltusu and drummer Karl Sakko.K a partner with the guys invited vocalist Sam Kress and guitarist Jim Sanguinetti. It is in this configuration, the band played their first gig in April 1985. In Sam handed the microphone to Dave White, Jim was replaced by Doug Piercy, and in addition, as part appeared bassist Eric Vong.Eta version of "Heathen" debuted with a concert Feb. 9, 1986 - th in San Francisco "Mabuhay gardens" during the year. In April of the same year it was recorded demo "Pray for death", with which the group was able to break into the "Combat records". Before the start of the sessions debut Wang was replaced by Mike " Yaz " Yastremskaya of "Griffin". Prodyusirovat "Breaking the silence" took Ronnie Montrose.

Heathen major hit with the album was the song "Set me free".This cover of "Sweet", published a single, freely placed on the radio and was in heavy rotation on MTV`s "Headbangers` ball".

And although the album had considerable success (100,000 copies sold) , it did not affect the stability of the formulation. At first Charles was succeeded by Darren Minter, which "Heathen" scoured the American expanses as headliners. And Paul Baloff switched from "Exodus" by the end of 1988. White. In parallel, the left Yastremskaya -turned formation of "Pigs". The following year returned to Dave White, but the permanent bass player could not be found, and "Heathen" toured via sessionschikov.

In 1991, the team recorded a second album, "Victims of deception",which was released on the "Roadracer records". For four years, the musicians have accumulated enough material to be able to select the best tracks. And, of course, the skill group during this period has increased significantly. By the way, bass album party as a guest wrote Mark Baydermann of "Blind illusion".

Heathen summer 1991of "Heathen" first visit to Europe, where they had a chance to warm up the Brazilian "Sepultura". The role of the bass player on this tour performed Randy Lair. Unfortunately, on returning to the United States Randy was killed in a car accident. Prishlosmuzykantam looking for a new member of the team, and that of all the same was found in the person of Jason Vaybruksa. This bass barely started to work ,both as part of a regular replacement has occurred, and in the place turned out to Doug Piercy Ira Black. Updated team was about to release a mini- album consisting of cover songs (" The Queen ", "Thin Lizzy", " Sweet Savage ", " Tygers of Pan Tang"), but the work was unfinished, and the band broke up over it. In subsequent years Eltus collaborated with "Die Krupps", white " inner headed threshold " to the Black joined " defamatory rumors " and the company was Vaybruks Dave Lombardo in " Hold INC. ". Reyunion "Heathen" occurred in 2001, when most of the gathered members of the group in 1992 sample year.The occasion was the event "Thrash of the titans", charges of which went for treatment Chuck Billy of "Testament". Responses to the statement "Heathen" were extremely positive, and the musicians had to seriously resume its deyatelnost.Oni went back to their concerts,as well as improved the abandoned material and in 2004 released his album as "Recovered".

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