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Date of Birth: 04/04/1979

Age: 28

Place of birth: Perth

Citizenship: Australia

Heath Ledger: Unexpected death on the rise career

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Heath Ledger - a native of Australia (Perth, 4 April 1979). His parents, Sally Ledger, born Remshou, and Kim Ledger, had the English, Irish and Scottish roots. The father owned a hereditary mining company and was an avid racing driver, his mother taught French. His sonorous name of the boy was in honor of the hero `ThunderClan perevala` (Emily Bronte`s novel), but then it has always preferred short variant. His first acting experience was Heath Ledger in a decade, playing Peter Pan in the school play. By this time the parent family is broken up, Heath and his older sister Kate stayed to live with her mother. Kate is interested in theater and dance, and future famous actor leaving his hobbies hockey, also took up choreography. He has participated in dance competitions and became head of the school dance troupe. In 17 years, having passed the school final examinations, Hit together with childhood friend Trevor DiCarlo, engaged in theatrical craft. Friends troupes performed in many Australian cities, worked in television. In 1992, Heath Ledger starred in the Australian television series `Klounada`, which was followed by several successful television series and television shows. In 1997, he played a central role in the youth thriller `Black skala`, and already recognized as akterapereehal to Hollywood, where got a personal agent. Youth and external data contributed to the invitation Ledger on the role of charming krasavchikov. It is in this audience saw Heath Ledger in the comedy `veerom` Fingers (Jimmy) and` Ten Things I nenavisti` (Patrick Verona), published in 1999. Despite the success with a younger audience, the actor avoided the temptation to exploit this image, and began looking for a more serious role. In 2000, he played Gabriel Martin in the movie `Patriot`, and his co-star Mel Gibson has become. This was followed by `rytsarya` History (2001), where Heath Ledger appeared in the form of a medieval executioner, is converted into a valiant knight. This film was a huge box office worldwide, and the young actor was nominated for an MTV `Best potseluy`. Without exaggeration, every new film reveals a new facet of the actor`s talent, and he is not afraid of small roles and noncash films. Among them - the tragic story of the son of the executioner in `monstrov` Bale (2002), a psychological drama of British colonial officer in the historically-adventure film` Four pera` (2002), biography `Robin Guda` Australian Ned Kelly in `Bande Kelli` (2003) . The last movie that has won several awards, but a mystical detective `grehov` Eater (2003) failed at the box office and was criticized katolicheskoytserkovyu. In the film `Dogtauna` Kings (2005), dedicated to skateboarders seventies, Ledger played a distinctive image of the merchant skate and fantasy thriller` Brothers Grimm` - -`ekzortsista` fraudster.

Heath Ledger`s triumph was the film `Brokeback gora` (2005), where he played a cowboy Ennis Del Mar. Random sexual relationship with a partner of his hero on the Jack, the story of marriage and divorce, rare meeting with Jack and the news of his death - this ambiguous story became a hit film distribution worldwide. The premiere of `Brokeback gory` was dedicated to the Venice Film Festival, where the picture was awarded the `Golden lvom`. Also, the film was awarded three `Oskara`, four awards` BAFTA`, four `Golden globusa` in various categories. Heath Ledger received the Australian Film Institute Award and the New York Society of Film Critics Best Actor, as well as MTV Award `for the best potseluy` (although the actor Jake Gyllenhaal said that almost broke his nose in this scene Ledger). Note that in real life, heterosexuality Heath Ledger is no doubt, no one caused: in the handsome actor had many romances with actresses bright, long-lasting relationship with a partner on the film `Brokeback gora` Michelle William, who in 2005 gave birth to their daughter Matilda Rose . After their breakup, a recognized actor friend has become a model Gemma Ward. After the success of `Brokeback gory` Ledger played the protagonist in` Kazanove` (2005), a drug addict in `Kendi` Dan (2006), singer Bob Dylan in `I was there net` (2007). In 2007, the actor starred in the second part of the trilogy of Batman `Black rytsar`. The role of the Joker thug with a scarred face and a terrible smile, according to relatives of the actor, the voltage required him best, and as a result has led to a nervous breakdown. January 22, 2008 due to the actor masseuse together with his housekeeper discovered Ledger`s dead. The investigation revealed that the cause of death was an overdose of prescription sedatives actor. Work on `Black rytsarem` to this point has already been completed. The film was released in 2008, and for his role as the Joker Ledger posthumously four highest-rated premium was awarded to: `Oscar`, `Golden globus`,` BAFTA`, Screen Actors Guild - all in the category `Best Actor plana`. In addition, in 2007, the actor starred in the science fiction film `The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasa`, which subsequently found many allusions to his death. The role of the main character Tony Shepard, that the actor did not have time to shoot in full, has been refined - the writer said the story of his transformation, and the shooting brought Johnny Depp, Jude Dow and Collin Farrell.

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