Hayim Baltsan

Picture of Hayim Baltsan

Date of Birth: 05/05/1910

Age: 80

Place of Birth: Kishinev

Citizenship: Israel


Haim Balzan was born in Kishinev in the literary dynasty, the members of which - his cousin, the famous Moldovan poet Joseph Balzan, uncle - Hebrew writer and researcher of Hebrew literature Benzion Balzan and lexicographer, author of the first designed in three languages ??Hebrew, Yiddish-Romanian Dictionary (1937) Life Balzan, nephew - a journalist and publisher Leo (Leonid) Balzan.

In 1935, after studying at the University of Bucharest I lived in Mandate Palestine, where he studied law at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He became the founder and chief editor of the news department of the newspaper "haBoker" (Morning, 1935-42), he worked as a correspondent of the newspaper "haArets" (Earth) in Turkey, Eastern and Central Europe. During the Second World War he served in the British armed forces in the protection of the US Embassy (1942-43) and the UK (1934-44) in Istanbul. He was director of the organization to assist refugees HIAS (Evreyskayaassotsiatsiya help immigrants) in Turkey (1944-45) and Czechoslovakia (1945-48). After the founding of the State of Israel led the department on public relations of the Ministry of Defence (since 1949). In 1970 he founded and headed (until 1973) the journalism faculty at Tel Aviv University. He was executive director and honorary chief editor of the Israel News Agency, Vice-President of the Tel Aviv Journalists Association (1987-89) .In 1974 Balzan co-founded the "Movement for a uniform spelling in Hebrew," was "Proposal for the Hebrew spelling reform" and a number of extremely popular transliterated Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew (1989), Russian-Hebrew and Hebrew-Russian (1991) dictionaries that have withstood many editions both in Israel and in the United States.

The daughter of Chaim Balzan - known Israeli pianist Astrit Balzan (1956 p.).