Harvey Glatman

Picture of Harvey Glatman

Date of Birth: 10/12/1927

Age: 31

Place of Birth: The Bronx

Citizenship: United States

Killer Lonely Hearts

Harvey was born into a Jewish family in the Bronx (Bronx), grew up in Colorado (Colorado).

From an early age Gletmen is the clearest example of an anti-social behavior; greatly complicate the life of others and his sadomasochistic tendencies.

To realize their dreams into practice Gletmen began as a teenager - he break into the apartment, he tied the women living there, raped them and photographed for memory. During one of these `outputs svet` Harvey was arrested; alas, they have accused him only of robbery. Out on bail and awaiting trial, Gletmen not thought to temper their appetites - and less than a month after the arrest of kidnapped and raped another woman. Much to his regret, the victim almost immediately went to the police - which ultimately cost Harvey eight months in prison.

Upon his release, Gletmen moved to Albany, New York (Albany, New York); it was there that he was arrested in 1946 for a series of robberies. His new term of Harvey served first in Sing Sing (Sing Sing Correctional Facility); By the way, even then, prison psychiatrists have concluded that they are dealing with a psychopath commonplace. Patient psyche, however, did not prevent Gletmenu manifest itself almost a model prisoner; already in 1951 he was released early.

From prison Harvey went to Denver (Denver); where he lived until 1957 th. In life Gletmen earned TV repair; some part of his income was spent on entertainment unusual, even by his standards, and virtually harmless - Harvey hired young women, that they posed to him related. His model - acting completely voluntarily - Gletmen said that creates covers for detective magazines; Needless to say, none of the pictures taken in the detective press and has not appeared.

Alas, long sublimate their desires in this way Harvey could not; in 1957 he moved to Los Angeles (Los Angeles), where he began to stalk potential victims among modeling agencies. Acted for Gletmen already worked in the Denver scenario - offering girls to work in detective magazines, he brought them to his home, where tied and raped - actively taking photos in the process. Harvey raped girls suffocated and threw the body in the desert.

Gletmen is the main suspect in the case of the Unknown the Boulder (Boulder Jane Doe). In 1954, near the city of Boulder, Colorado that (Boulder, Colorado), was found dead of an unknown woman. 55 police could not identify her personality - and only in the 2009th Dr. Terry Melton (Terry Melton) from the College of Pennsylvania (State College, Pennsylvania) was able to show that the DNA of the Unknown coincides with the DNA of a certain woman, whose sister went missing mysteriously in this same time. Further tests confirmed that the unknown is really a 18-year-old Dorothy Gay Howard (Dorothy Gay Howard). Gletmen became a suspect because it was at that time in Colorado - and just went on such a machine, which could cause results on the body of Dorothy wound.

Harvey was arrested in 1958 - he was caught by the arm during the abduction of the fourth row of the victim. Gletmen willingly confessed to the first three murders and even passed a police photo collection. In the end, Harvey eventually found guilty of two murders, 1 st degree and was executed in the gas chamber.