Harry Bridges

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Age: 89

Place of birth: Melbourne

Citizenship: United States


He was born in Melbourne, Australia. In the early 20s he moved to the United States and began working as a loader. In 1934 he headed the strike longshoremen on the West Coast. As a result of union longshoremen and warehouse workers was organized.

Today, Harry remembered as a man who tirelessly throughout his life fighting for the rights of workers. Many new policy, intending to correctly build your campaign, often in his speeches refer to the figure of Harry Bridges.

In 1934 he was elected chairman of the union of San Francisco longshoremen, in 1935 - the chairman of the district organization severokaliforniyskoy `Federation of seamen of the Pacific coast. " After the Second World War was the chairman of the production department of seafarers and dockers of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU).

In 1946, a year after the end of the Second World War broke out strike of the workers on the plantations in Hawaii, the most oldest colony in the United States, which lasted about 80 days. Supervised strike, of course, a well-known fighter for the rights of the working class of the United States Harry Bridges, who had recently been sent to prison by agents of US monopolies.

It should be noted that Harry often subjected to repression. It was not surprising, vedv imperialist country like "communists" eyesore. In the campaign for the expulsion of the US as an "undesirable alien" was launched during the stevedores strike against it. V1941 he was again prosecuted, in 1949, he was accused of "conspiracy" against the government.

After the visit of Khrushchev to the United States in September 1959, Bridges was published in the press statement in which he wrote that "American workers, if given the choice, will choose peace talks, not a catastrophic world war." After these allegations disgraced, of course, Bridges should not have to hope for the state loyalty to him.

Harry was the number one enemy of Hoover. FBI Director, reporting to Roosevelt about the internal threat posed by the communist movement, characterized Bridges as "a man capable of paralyzing the work of ports across the country." "Even after the leader of the dockers` union spoke in favor of a peaceful and mutually beneficial settlement of labor disputes with the administration, Hoover continued to ruthlessly persecute him," - writes in his book, by Anthony Summers.

Such is the fate of many public figures - unconditional acceptance of those you help, killing all the hatred of enemies - politicians.

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