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Mikail `Big` Harp (Micajah` Big` Harpe) was born in 1768-m (?), Died in August of 1799. Wiley `Littl` Hart (Wiley` Little` Harpe) was born in 1770-m (?), Died in January 1804.

Two brothers-robber wielded in Tennecsi (Tennessee), Kentucky (Kentucky), Illinois (Illinois) and Mississippi (Mississippi) at the end of the 18th century. There is reason to believe that they had committed their crimes of bloodlust, rather than because of the financial benefits. That is why many historians have called their first real `serial ubiytsami`.

According to the majority, Harp were siblings, but other sources insist that Makayat and Wiley really - cousins.

They were born in Orange County, North Carolina (Orange County, North Carolina), in the Scots family. Their father and their uncle, allegedly Tory of the old school, fought on the side of the British during the War of Independence. As we know, Mikail had two wives, sisters Susan (Susan) and Betsy Roberts (Betsey Roberts). Wiley also married the daughter of a Baptist minister, Rice Sally (Sally Rice).

In his youth, Harp brothers lived together with rebels from the tribe cries and Cherokee who committed atrocities not only in relation to white people, but also to the representatives of their own tribes.

By 1797 th Mikail and Wiley lived near Knoxville, Tennessee (Knoxville, Tennessee). However, they were driven out of the city after they were accused of stealing the pigs and horses. Brothers also accused of killing a man by the name of Johnson (Johnson), whose stuffed stones ripped body was found in the river. Such a method of killing has become the hallmark of maniacs brothers who are unjustly dealt with almost anyone and did not spare even infants. So, RE Banta (RE Banta) in work `The Ohio` (` Ogayo`) assures that Mikail tree hit his head on his daughter because it irritated her constant crying. It was the only offense the commission of which later Mikail sincerely regretted.

From Knoxville criminals fled to Kentucky. They reached the road Uildeness Road near the passage of the Cumberland Gap (Wilderness Road; Cumberland Gap), where, according to the assumptions, killed the merchant by the name of Peyton (Peyton) and took his horse and some of his goods. Then they dealt with two tourists from Maryland (Maryland).

In July 1799, the year John Leyper (John Leiper) lifted the squad to avenge the murder of Mrs quilted and quilted for Moses (Moses Stegal), the victim`s husband. Leyper first reached Harp brothers. He managed to shoot Mikail, and then in a fight with a tomahawk in his hand Leyper finally finished with the offender. He beheaded Mikail and planted his head on a pole at the intersection, still known as `Harpa` head (` Harpe`s Head`) in Webster County, Kentucky (Webster County, Kentucky).

When finished it is time to bloody terror Harp brothers, on their account had killed at least 40 men, women and children. A quick Wiley while successfully hiding from the authorities, using the pseudonym John Sutton (John Setton). He was captured in 1803 and hanged after trial, February 8, 1804-th.

After the atrocities brothers Harp many members of their family changed their last name to shame the ancestors did not spread to the descendants. Some left option `Harp`, simply by removing the last letter` e`, but others have changed the name completely. For example, a shining example of replacing think Wyatt Earp (Wyatt Earp), which according to unconfirmed reports Harp was a member of the family. Today, there are examples when the family returned to their original spelling of names using the form `Harpe`.

E. Don Harp (E. Don Harpe), perhaps the only descendant of the robber brothers, who wrote about them. He published two books: `Born wolf DIE WOLF The Last Rampage of the Terrible Harpes` and` Resurrection: Rebirth of the Terrible Harpes`, began working on a third. His story `The True Story of America`s First Serial Killers` (` true story of the first serial killers Ameriki`) most faithfully reflects the history Harp brothers. The novel in comics Kinkla Chad (Chad Kinkle) with illustrations by Adam Shaw (Adam Show) called `Harpe America`s First Serial Killers` came out in 2009, the year.

Harp Brothers became one of the characters in the musical `The Robber Bridegroom` (` Bride-razboynik`) that put Alfred Uri (Alfred Uhry) and Robert Waldman (Robert Waldman), based on the novel by Eudora Welty (Eudora Welty). In this musical `Big` Harp beheaded at the very beginning of the story, but his disembodied head is still alive. Heading actor, whose body was hidden behind the scenery. Also Harp brothers and their descendants play a key role in the book `The Voice Of The Mountain` (` gor` Voice) Manly Wade Wellman (Manly Wade Wellman), although in the course of the narrative it becomes clear that the author gives them superhuman and takes away from the real story their lives.

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