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Year of birth : 1973

Age: 42 year

Place of birth : Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States

Citizenship : United States

Legends of the modern progressive rock

Happy The Man team successfully performed with the 1973 to 1979 -ththen seemingly disintegrated. However, the sink in the team was not destined to oblivion - they are so memorable to fans of progressive rock that their work enjoyed success for a long time. In 2000 progressive rock legends reunited again - and formally they exist to this day.

Established team Happy the Man was back in 1973 ,in Harrisonburg, Virginia (Harrisonburg, Virginia); We stood at the head of her guitarist Stanley Whitaker (Stanley Whitaker) and bassist Rick Kennelly (Rick Kennell). Met Whitaker and Kennelly in 1972. Germany ; Whitaker moved there with his father, a soldier, and he served Kennelly and it was stationed in Germany.Stanley had already studied music itself - it a small group of Shady Grove was created ; with Whitaker in it, among other American keyboardist David Bach. At one of the concerts of the group and fate brought Kennelly ; conversationRick Stanley and found a lot of common interests - such as the love of the British progressive rock - and decided to start a joint project. Whitaker had soon come back to the States, but Kennelly is the homeland could only dream ; however, he still gave Whitaker something valuable - a pair of contacts of your friends ,he knew more on the teen group Zelda, existed at some time in Fort Wayne, Indiana (Fort Wayne, Indiana). Enlisting the support of drummer Mike Beck (Mike Beck) and singer - flute player Cliff Fortney (Cliff Fortney), Whitaker was almost finished forming the group ; it was the last element of a saxophonist, pianist Frank Wyatt (Frank Wyatt).The original composition is not a long time remained the same ; soon came to the place of Bach Kit Watkins (Kit Watkins). Later he joined the group and returned from Germany Kennelly ; from this moment the team Happy the Man began performing really active. In the early repertoire included many of their cavernousdifferent versions of well-known hits - like `Watcher Of The Skies` Genesis,` 21st Century Schizoid Man` King Crimson or `Man-Erg` Van der Graaf Generator. However, their own works team also did - and over time it became more and more. Most of the new materials team was required to Wyatt. In 1975-th band moved closer to Washington, DC (Washington, DC); Here they attracted the attention of radio DJs Georgetown University that helped the musicians quite quickly attract interest to your new place. Radio music sang Happy the Man, interviewed the musicians,announced (and even sponsored) and their concerts as a whole is actively kept them closer to potential listeners.

In 1974 there was another change in the composition ; Fortney, who decided to continue to learn to play the flute, left the band. In its place came another old friend of the founders of the team, Dan Owen (Dan Owen); He, however, stayed here for a short time. Dan left the band in early 1975, and the team decided not to replace it - so their creativity had become somewhat more instrumental. Musicians subsequently several times discussed the search for a new singer, but to translate this idea into life never came. Since then, the vocal duties for the most part fell on the shoulders Whitaker.

28 June 1976, to communicate with the musicians left Peter Gabriel (Peter Gabriel); He chose his musicians for a tour of his new team. Happy The Man did not come to him in the end,but the fact of such interest from well-known musician went to the reputation of the group to the benefit of and instrumental in obtaining a contract with `Arista Records`.

LP his band recorded towards the end of 1976 by ??Ken Scott (Ken Scott) and `A & M Studios`; published a record close to 1977 mu. On the album includes only two songs with vocals ;Both these songs were written by Wyatt. Most of the 1977 Group held in various touring traveling ; as they waited for a new change of structure - at the end of 1977, Beck left the band ; he was replaced by Ron Riddle (Ron Riddle). Shortly thereafter, the band recorded their second studio album, `Crafty Hands`. Alas,This record has been quite unsuccessful in commercial terms, so that `Arista Records` the group decided to leave. The team is not desperate ; with the support of the French percussionist Coco Roussel (Coco Roussel). Active labor, the musicians gathered material on the new album ; Alas, the new contract they could not manage to get. 27 May 1979-of the group left Ken Watkins ; Soon after that the team played their last concert. colleagues parted ways, but Whitaker and Kennelly pretty quickly created a new Vision group - keyboardist which has become familiar to them David Bach.

Some time former members of the group have worked with other projects ; their heritage, however ,they did not forget - so settled in Camel Ken Watkins re-recorded one of the works of Happy The Man, `Eye of Storm`. The new version of an old song came on the disc `I Can See Your House From Here`. Later, Watkins released two new songs, `Labyrinth` and ` While Crome Yellow Shine`; them he included in his solo album ,recorded with the help of Coco Roussel. Coco and Ken for some time worked together for the most part by helping other teams to record new albums.

Happy The Man did not lose its popularity to this day ; the team is considered to be a true legend of progressive rock. The team made ??several attempts to reunite ,but fully musicians have succeeded only in the 2000th, when they decided to get together for `NEARfest`. The structure of the new, revived group included Kennelly, Whitaker and Wyatt ; I joined them at one time including in the composition of Happy The Man Ron Riddle and one new member, keyboardist, David Rosenthal (David Rosenthal). with one toonly concert did not stop ; After a successful and expect a lot of reunification Group continued to perform. Riddle in the 2002`s again left the band ; In his place came Joe Bergamini (Joe Bergamini). The 2004th Happy The Man released a new album, `The Muse Awakens`. Whitaker and Wyatt had also release a new album, the pair ,`Pedal Giant Animals` and create a new group, Oblivion Sun. The formal status of Happy The Man in the light of recent events is quite difficult to determine, but the collapse of the team has no announced.

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