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Citizenship : United States


Their parents,Walker and Diana Hanson, since they realized that they would constantly move (Walker worked in the oil industry) , decided that the best option would be teaching children at home.

Clarke Isaac Hanson (Ike)

November 17 1980gitara, piano, vocals

Features of character : an intelligent and sensitive.

Favorite Food : spaghetti and lasagna.

Best gift,received from fans : dog Vikket.

Jordan Taylor Hanson (Tay)

March 14 1983fortepiano, synthesizer, castanets, drums, harmonica, vocals

Features of character : friendly, but shy

Favorite school subjects : literature, science.

My favorite musical. Album : Lenny Kravitz " 5 "

Zachary Walker Hanson (Zac)

October 22 1985udarnye, vocalsFavorite school subject : Math.

My favorite TV program is : cartoon " The Simpsons. "

Favorite hobby: drawing cartoons.

Their first-born was born on November 17, 1080. Parents gave the boy the name of Isaac Clarke Hanson. A few years later, March 14, 1983 was born Jordan Taylor Hanson. And October 22, 1985 was born Zekkari Walker.The brothers began making music at a young age, just for fun. When every Wednesday parents somewhere to go, the children talked to wash the dishes and do the guidance of cleanliness. Instead, the brothers got together and came up with a song. The Hanson family knew that because of the work of their father may need to move on any given day ,and they were always ready. They knew that in South America, they do not have TV and they can not listen to the radio without understanding a foreign language, so they bought a cassette with music. Soon the family moved. they lived in countries such as Venezuela, Trinidad, Brazil. Sometimes Walker took out a guitar and sang for his family, and, of course ,his three sons joined him. Soon the brothers loved classics and knew many of the songs by heart.

The base group could be natural for the Hanson brothers, but they say that it all started with a Christmas holiday in the oil company Walker. The event was attended by the entire family Hanson. No particular reason (" just for fun ") brothers took the stage and sang in front of everyone. They soon realized that they liked to sing on stage. The brothers decided to found the group and began to choose the tools. All three of them before that learned to play the piano, so that we all had the experience. Taylor borrowed from friends synthesizer, Isaac went to a nearby store and picked up a guitar. Little Zach got a drum kit (perhaps because only his hands were long enough at the time). But in order to be able to start speaking, they needed a producer or manager. So the brothers went to Austin, Oklahama, where at that time there was a team of producers / managers sought after young talents. So the brothers got to Christopher Sobek and asked him : " Can we sing for you," - included a boom box and began to sing and dance. The response of the producer was, " Wow ! " - Christopher and quickly asked : " Where are your parents ? " So they had a prodyuscer.

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