Hans Gisevius

Picture of Hans Gisevius

Date of Birth: 07/14/1904

Age: 69

Place of birth: Arnsberg

Citizenship: Germany


Starting diplomatic service with the arrival of the Nazis to power in 1933, Gizevius held various positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was involved in several plots against Hitler. From 1940 to 1944 Gizevius was vice-consul in Zurich and as such are often met with Allen Dulles, a representative of US intelligence. After the failure of the July 1944 conspiracy Gizevius stayed in Switzerland. He was one of the main witnesses for the prosecution at the Nuremberg trials. After the war, he spent several years in the US and in West Berlin, but returned to Switzerland, where he settled. He died in West Germany February 23, 1974.

In his memoirs, he describes Gizevius leading figures of the Third Reich and Hitler`s attempts to eliminate. He was frightened by the immorality of the Nazi regime, especially the events of "Kristallnacht" - Jewish pogroms. He notes that the word "pogrom" totally inadequate to describe what happened in Germany, "Not one Jewish home was left untouched, no Jewish enterprise is left not looted nor a synagogue is left not set on fire." Gizevius said that anyone who lived through those terrible hours, never forget them, "incites madness crowd poured out their emotions on the defenseless people ... Scared middle class staring at the Nazi monster, like a rabbit on a boa constrictor." According Gizevius, despite the fact that the orders for carrying out pogroms came from Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich, "the Fuhrer himself was responsible for these terrible and revealing sinister excesses."