Hanesbrands Inc

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Year of birth : 2008

Age: 7 years

Citizenship : United States


`HanesBrands Inc.` - American clothing company ,based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (Winston-Salem, North Carolina).

It manages a number of different brands - `Hanes`,` Champion`, `Playtex`,` Bali`, `Just My Size`,` Barely There`, `Wonderbra`,` L`eggs`, `C9 by Champion`,` Duofold`, `Beefy-T`,` Outer Banks`, `Sol y Oro`,` Rinbros`, `Zorba` and ` Ritmo`.At the moment, the company employs more than 50,000 people.

company`s products are distributed through shops belonging to it across the country. The flagship store of the company is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina ; It was opened in the summer of 2008. The main distributor of products, until recently, was a network of `HanesBrands Stores`;recently we started to open stores a new network - `Champion Outlet Stores`. It is currently open 20 stores `Champion`.

`HanesBrands` owns a number of companies all over the world - primarily in Europe and Eastern Europe ; a number of subsidiary companies located in the UK (United Kingdom), Germany (Germany), Spanish (Spain),Italy (Italy) and France (France). According to data for 2010 revenue amounted to 4.33 billion, and net profit - 1.41 billion.

`HanesBrands` known not only for its products ; many memorable and nature protection activities of the company. To date `HB` time to participate in a number of environmental projects ,such as the construction of high-profile ` zelenyh` homes.

Interested companies and other branches of the charity case; so she donated a large sum to support the education of Honduras (Republica de Honduras). However, recently it became known that the company is in its charitable activities was not as sincere ,as we would like - in 2011 it became known that the corporation is trying to lobby the State Department law, which allows to reduce the minimum wage in Haiti from 61 cents per hour to 31 cents. It is expected that this legislation would help the Corporation to significantly reduce production costs. Needless to say ,that much of the popularity of this information `HanesBrands` not added ; however, many large US companies had to deal with allegations of the use of slave labor in fact.

Currently, the two main competitors are `HanesBrands` ` Fruit of the Loom` and `Jockey International`.