Habib Burgiba

Picture of Habib Burgiba

Date of Birth: 08/03/1903

Age: 96

Nationality: Tunisia


In his youth, he was a lawyer and publisher of several newspapers, an activist of the party "Destour". Repeatedly subjected to imprisonment for propaganda against the French colonial authorities. In 1942, he released from custody by the Nazis, and in 1943 was adopted by Mussolini, who had hoped to win him over to their side. However, he returned to Africa, in a speech April 7, 1943 Bourguiba declared that he was confident in the defeat of Germany and Italy, and called for a struggle against them.

After the war, he traveled to many countries in Europe, collecting money in support of the anti-colonial movement in Tunisia. In 1949 he returned to Tunisia, where he continued his political struggle for independence. In 1952, he was arrested again. After coming to power in France, the government of Pierre Mendes-France, who supported the idea of ??expanding the political authority of the French colonies, Bourguiba was released and continued his legal struggle for independence. In March 1956 Bourguiba was elected Chairman of the Constituent Assembly of Tunisia.

July 25, 1957 was proclaimed the Republic of Tunisia, Bourguiba and took over as its president.

Bourguiba some time experimenting with the construction of socialism, but in the early 1970s finally abandoned the socialist model in favor of a liberal, not breaking with the relations with the USSR and the socialist facade retaining externally. The Prime Minister was appointed Hedi Nouira (fr: H & # 233; di Nouira), which significantly expanded the rights of private property in the country. Bourguiba in Tunisia held a number of major economic and political reforms (in particular, large-scale expansion of the rights of women, which was unusual for an Islamic country, raising the level of secondary and higher education, and others.) Bourguiba prohibited polygamy and introduced legal divorce proceedings.

In 1987 g.premer Minister Zine El Abidine Ben Ali removed Bourguiba from power "for health reasons", after he was "protected by the government." He was buried with honors in April 2008 in his honor erected a mausoleum.

Bourguiba`s wife - Mathilde Lorrain, whom he met in Paris in 1925, in 1927, converted to Islam and took the name of marriage Mufid Bourguiba. The marriage was born the only son - Habib Bourguiba Jr.. Later Bourguiba entered into a second marriage, his wife became the representative of the influential clan Vass Ben Ammar, when he adopted her daughter, Hajer Bourguiba.