Gurbangulu Berdumuhamedov

Picture of Gurbangulu Berdumuhamedov

Age: 58

Place of birth: a. Babarap

Citizenship: Turkmenistan


Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Myalikkulievich was born in 1957 in the village of Geok-Babarap Tepinskogo district Ashkhabad, Turkmen SSR area. In 1979 he graduated from dental faculty of the Turkmen State Medical Institute. Since 1979, Berdimuhamedov in Ashgabat worked dentist. In 1987 he went to Moscow to study in graduate school, he graduated in 1990 and received the degree of candidate of medical sciences. In 1990-1995, he held positions Berdimuhamedov assistant chair of therapeutic dentistry, associate professor and dean of the dental faculty of the Turkmen State Medical Institute.

In 1995, Berdymukhamedov became director of the Dental Center of Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan. May 28, 1997 he was appointed Minister of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan. In addition, in 1998 he became head of the International Medical Center named after Saparmurat Niyazov. April 3, 2001 Berdimuhamedov, in addition to his ministerial post was the deputy prime minister of Turkmenistan in charge of health, education and science and in August 2004 was still in charge of culture and the media.

Activities Berdimuhamedov as minister and vice-president virtually no coverage in the media, as well as the work of other senior Turkmen officials. It is known that in November 2002 he ordered to extend the experiment to rename the days of the week and months of the year, as well as replacing the traditional greeting "Salaam Alaykum" in favor of Niyazov "Ruhnama" and "Shamchirag". In July 2003, Berdimuhamedov headed a state commission for admission to higher education institutions, in which it was possible to enter only after two years of work on the chosen specialty, but not immediately after graduation. In 16 of the Turkmen higher educational institutions from July 9 to August 9, 2003 planned to collect 3920 students. In November 2003, Berdimuhamedov reprimanded by President Niyazov of Turkmenistan for the low level of qualification of Turkmen doctors, but retained the post. In April 2004, Niyazov, Berdymukhamedov fined in the amount of three months of his salary for the fact that about half of the arrears of salary in Turkmenistan were in education and health. According to some reports, Berdimuhamedov at one time was the personal physician of Niyazov.

On the one hand, their government positions Berdimuhamedov was obliged to the President of Turkmenistan, who personally sent periodically retired senior officials, preventing them to acquire and strengthen ties in power. C on the other hand, some experts called Berdimuhamedov among those officials who influenced such decisions Niyazov, thus eliminating competition. So, in November 2002, Berdymukhamedov and Deputy Prime Minister, who was responsible for the oil and gas industry, Yolly Gurbanmuradov allegedly failed to send in the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Recep Saparova appointed Chancellor of the President of Turkmenistan apparatus. Experts speak of the inevitable clash of interests and Gurbanmuradov Berdimuhamedov and relied on the latter. May 20, 2005 Gurbanmuradov was arrested on charges of corruption and cooperation with foreign intelligence services for the purpose of political instability in the country. July 2, 2005 Saparov elected in August 2003, deputy chairman of the People`s Council (Halk`s Council), has been arrested for bribery, illegal acquisition and possession of weapons, abuse and abuse of power. In late July 2005 Saparov Gurbanmuradov and were sentenced to 20 and 25 years imprisonment respectively. Soon there were unofficial reports that the latter committed suicide.

According to some reports, in September 2004, Berdimuhamedov took part in the closed meeting of the President of Turkmenistan held in a narrow range. Niyazov allegedly severely frightened speech Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying September 13, 2004 (after the Beslan events), that the heads of regions and republics will continue to be appointed by the President of the country. According to experts, Niyazov felt that the question of the leader of Turkmenistan will soon be addressed again in Moscow. For a discussion of the feasibility of vseturkmenskogo referendum on "reunification with Russia," he gathered an emergency meeting, in which, to the surprise of experts, the manager of the president attended Saparov unit, his deputy Alexander Zhadan and Berdimuhamedov. It is known that 13 to 15 September 2004 the German cardiac surgeon, Hans Meisner Niyazov spent the next examination.

November 28, 2006 instead of Niyazov Berdimuhamedov took part in the meeting of the Council of CIS Heads of State. A year earlier, Niyazov appealed to the CIS leaders to consider Turkmenistan is not constant, and an associate member of this organization. In autumn 2006, Berdymukhamedov, who reportedly accounted illegitimate son of Niyazov, known as a possible successor to the president. However, according to experts, such as rumors circulated about the former head of the National Security Committee Muhammad Nazarov, who was sentenced to 25 years in April 2004.

On the night of 20 on December 21, 2006, Niyazov died of sudden cardiac arrest. December 21, 2006 Berdymukhamedov became acting president of Turkmenistan. In accordance with the Constitution the powers of the president were to move to the chairman of the parliament (Majlis), and he had no right to participate in new elections, which should take place no later than two months. However, the chairman of parliament Ovezgeldy Atayev was taken into custody, and the acting president of Turkmenistan Security Council appointed Berdimuhamedov appointed also the head of the Commission on the organization of Niyazov`s funeral. According to some experts, the country`s de facto coup. December 23, 2006 Berdymukhamedov freed himself from the post of Minister of Health and Medical Industry, was appointed Acting Minister Byashim Sopyeva. December 24, 2006, Niyazov was buried, and on December 26, 2006 he was appointed as an extraordinary congress of the People`s Council to determine his likely successors.

December 26, 2006 Berdymukhammedov was elected Chairman of the Congress of the People`s Council, which on that day changed Turkmenistan`s constitution, passed a law on presidential elections, set the date for presidential elections and adopted the six candidates. Delegates to the Congress, at the suggestion of the second secretary of the ruling Democratic Party Ondzhika Musayev, ostensibly to recall the post-mortem will Niyazov, amended the basic law of the country, allowing the Deputy Prime Minister to serve as president of the republic. The head of the Central Election Commission of Turkmenistan has announced that elections will be held February 11, 2007. Then the representatives of all five provinces (regions) and the capital of Turkmenistan, which has the status of the region, nominated ten candidates. The last - the eleventh - became Berdimuhamedov, whose candidature proposed Musayev. Each of the nominees had to be approved by a presidential candidate a two-thirds vote of the members of the People`s Council: this selection took place only five of ten for Berdymukhamedov also voted unanimously.

February 11, 2007 Berdymukhammedov was elected President of Turkmenistan. The election was attended by over 2 million 677 thousand people in the country (98.65 percent of voters), of which 89.23 percent cast their votes for Berdymukhamedov. Even on election day has been declared the date of the inauguration of the new president, despite the theoretical possibility of a second round of elections. February 14, 2007 at a meeting of the National Council were announced the final results of the vote, Berdymukhamedov was sworn in on the Constitution of Turkmenistan and the President has received a certificate from the hands of the chairman of the CEC. In accordance with the Constitution, the president is the head of government - the Cabinet of Ministers.

4 May 2007. The Mejlis of Turkmenistan President Berdimuhamedov awarded, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Republic, the title of General of the Army. Before him is the rank of Turkmenistan Niyazov were only two and defense minister - former and current Danatarov Kopeck Agageldy Mammetgeldyev.

In the summer of 2007, President Berdimuhamedov received the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences and the title of professor in the specialty "Public Health". The decision was made by the expert commission of Medical Sciences of the Supreme Council for Science and Technology of Turkmenistan on the basis of many years of scientific and practical activities Berdimuhamedov. In August 2007, Berdymukhamedov was elected chairman of the National Movement "Galkynysh" ( "Revival") and the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan.

In September 2007, during a visit to the United States, dedicated to the UN General Assembly session, Berdymukhamedov said about the upcoming reform of the economy and the democratization of the country. Shortly thereafter, Berdimuhamedov has started to upgrade its administration. In October, he made a number of shifts in law enforcement agencies, replacing the Minister of Interior and Minister of National Security. In March 2008, Berdymukhamedov also changed the Attorney General and the leadership of the Supreme Court in April - Central management of the bank.

At the same time, the second half of 2007 at the initiative of Turkmenistan Berdimuhamedov began the rejection of a number of restrictions imposed during Niyazov`s rule. In December 2007, he lifted the ban on foreign periodicals in January 2008 - on the opera and the circus. From 1 July 2008, Turkmenistan has returned to the Gregorian calendar, Niyazov repealed in 2002.

Economic policy Berdimuhamedov that time was characterized by the desire to get closer to the West. So, according to some, one of those held in the US Berdimuhamedov talks with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was to be the opening of the gas sector of Turkmenistan for US investors. In October 2007, along with Georgia, Turkmenistan refused to sign the Concept of development of the CIS, it is assumed, in particular, the formation of "an integrated economic and political union of the States concerned." In November, it was reported Berdimuhamedov support the idea of ??a trans-Caspian gas pipeline, which would enable Europe to receive Turkmen gas bypassing Russia. In addition, in December of the same year it was reached a definitive agreement between Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Russia to start construction of the Caspian gas pipeline, which should increase the volume of deliveries of Turkmen gas to Russia.

April 18, 2008 Berdimuhamedov announced the creation of a special commission, whose task was to create a new version of the Turkmen constitution. Her project, published in July 2008, meant, in particular, the abolition of the highest organ of state power - the National Council, whose powers were divided between the president and parliament. September 26, 2008 at the last session of the National Council of the new Constitution was adopted in the opinion of some experts, it is largely increased the powers of the president.

In October 2008, the newspaper "Izvestia" talked about having withdrawn from the print book, "Teacher, warrior, citizen. Life-feat Berdimuhamed Annaev" dedicated to the story about the life of Berdymukhamedov paternal grandfather. There`s also the head of state cited the pedigree and history of his native village Yzgant. "It seems that the republic gradually entering a new era of Turkmenbashi-2", - stated in the article. In the same month, the World Karate Federation awarded President Berdymukhamedov, giving it a 6th Dan Black Belt "for his outstanding contribution to the development of national sport." As reported Turkmen TV, a black belt in karate, President of Turkmenistan received in connection with the 17th anniversary of independence.

Berdymukhamedov is the author of two books published in 2007 - a collection of articles "Scientific basis for health development in Turkmenistan" and "Turkmenistan - the country of healthy and highly spiritual people." In October 2008, Ashgabat hosted a presentation of a new book by the President of Turkmenistan, it is dedicated to horses and is called "Ahalteke - Our Pride and Glory."