Griselda Blanco

Picture of Griselda Blanco

Date of Birth: 02/15/1943

Age: 69

Place of Birth: Cartagena

Citizenship: Colombia

Cocaine Godmother mother

Born Griselda Blanco (Griselda Blanco) in 1943 in Cartagena, Colombia (Cartagena, Colombia). Together with his mother, Ana Lucia Restrepo (Ana Luc & # 237; a Restrepo), Griselda moved to Medellin (Medell & # 237; n) at the age of 3 years. There is evidence of different sources, the girl ran from early childhood to the underworld. So, in 11 years, Griselda has already participated in the kidnapping of the child of a wealthy family for ransom, and the child was subsequently shot dead.

At age 14, Blanco ran away from home to escape the constant beating her mother. For a while she worked as a prostitute, and later, at age 20 she married Carlos Trujillo (Carlos Trujillo). It was the first marriage Griselda, and in this family she had three sons.

In the mid-1970s, Griselda, being married for the second time for Bravo Alberto (Alberto Bravo), emigrated with him to the US, settling in Queens, New York (Queens, New York). The couple were engaged in drug trafficking, and very soon Blanco and Bravo have already organized a very workable network of sales.

In the second half of the 1970s they tried to arrest him, and the couple fled to Colombia. However, in the late 1970s, Blanco has secretly arrived back to the States, this time settling in Miami (Miami). It was in Miami Griselda became a member of a certain confrontation, dubbed `War kovboev` cocaine (Cocaine Cowboy Wars), as a result of this` voyny` almost ousted from cocaine trafficking marijuana market.

Blanco at the time enjoyed the reputation of a very serious and dangerous narkobaronessy; They said she was `ustranila` huge number of those who tried to stand in her way and hinder its business.

In 1984, Griselda Blanco moved to California (California) - Miami too many would like to get even with her, and stay there because it was not safe.

February 20, 1985, police arrested Blanco right in her own home, and after the trial and the verdict, she received 20-year prison term. However, despite his imprisonment, Griselda continued to run a business.

In 2004 narkobaronessa was deported to Colombia, where she again continued their work.

It is known that Griselda three sons were shot as a result of the bloody showdown, and the only surviving child is Michael Corleone Blanco Blanco (Michael Corleone Blanco), which from childhood brought up by grandmother. By the way, in 2012 Michael Blanco got house arrest on suspicion of trafficking cocaine and conspiracy to transport cocaine.

September 3, 2012 Griselda Blanco came out of the butcher shop in Medellin, when two motorcyclists shot her at point blank range. It is noteworthy that this method of murder was distributed in the gang itself Blanco. Two bullets fired at the woman`s head, have left her a chance at life.

By the way, the police was not at all surprised by this murder - on the contrary, the police only a little puzzled why it did not happen sooner. For Griselda Blanco kept the nickname of cocaine godmother mother, she is one of the most dangerous and most successful drug dealers in the world.