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This metal band probably would not have received such notoriety, not whether its founder, virtuoso percussion Dave Lombardo. Tapped a dozen years as a part " of Slayer " he left the band in the traditional " personal reasons."Without things Dave did not know how to sit, and immediately began assembling a new team. The first person caught Lombardo `s arm, became a vocalist Gus Chambers, who had enough experience behind appearances in various British punk bands (most Gus was known as a member of " 21 Guns").

Next in line former member of "Overkill", guitarist Bobby Gustafson. This type proved to be quite capricious, and after a few months without finding a Lombardo common language, was expelled from the "Grip Inc.". His replacement Gustafson drummer pulled out "Voodoo cult" Woldemar Sorichtu.

Grip inc.Novy guitarist was very well known for its participation in the speed metal - band "Despair",and concurrently engaged in producing ("Tiamat", "Unleashed", "Samael", "Asphyx", "The gathering", "Sentenced", "Moonspell"). Bassist found only when the musicians on his hands was a contract of "Metal blade", and they were going to record their debut album. The fourth member of the team became a German Jason Vibruks of "Heathen".On "Power of inner strength" group could not really get rid of the legacy of "Slayer", and although the album was warmly greeted metal public, the team continued to search for his own style.

Only Visbruks remained committed to the original direction, for which he paid. At the end of the sessions of the second album, "Nemesis",Lombardo put him out the door.

Grip inc.Vakansiyu bassist took a Canadian from Vancouver Stuart Karraters adopted in "Grip Inc" on the recommendation of Devin Townshend of "Stapping young lad". trey album, "Solidify" was recorded with him, on which the band`s style has changed significantly. Musicians from the left sleyerovskogo sound and now sound "Grip Inc." Reminded early work " Machine head ", diluted the atmosphere a la " Neurosis ". In support of the album, the team conducted the tour, after which the collective activity has been suspended for a long period. Lombardo found a bunch of other activities ranging from participation in the project of Mike Patton " Fantomas " and ending with the return to " Slayer ".Latest news about "Grip Inc." fans received only in 2003 when Lombardo and Sorichta taking the time to write material for the new album. The contract for the release of the plate with the working title "Incorporated" was concluded with firm "SPV records", which promised to release an album released in April 2004.

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