Grigorij Blagosvetlov

Picture of Grigorij Blagosvetlov

Place of birth: Stavropol, Caucasus

Citizenship: Russia


Blagosvetlov Gregory Evlampievich - known journalist, the son of a regimental priest. Born in Stavropol Caucasian, in 1824, he studied at the Saratov seminary, he graduated from the course at the Faculty of St. Petersburg University. He was a teacher in the Corps of Pages, then Pavlovsky Institute, but soon, on a blank misunderstanding, was suspected of "disloyalty" and, as a result of persecution compartment III, had quite leave pedagogic field. In 1857 Blagosvetlov went to England, where he became friends with Herzen lived in his house, and was the teacher of his children; from there he moved to Paris and for some time he attended lectures at the Sorbonne, it is in misery. In Paris, a case brought Blagosvetlov with YP Polonsky, who invited him to work in the "Russian Word". In the middle of 1860 the publisher of this magazine, c. Kushelev invited Blagosvetlov edit the magazine. In the short term, "Russian word" completely transformed thanks Blagosvetlov energy and well-chosen their employees. Because of sluggish, colorless body of the magazine became bright and combat, by definition face is not inferior to the "Contemporary". In 1862, "Russian Word", the same with the "Contemporary", was temporarily suspended. On the resumption of its c. Kushelev Blagosvetlov donated their publishing rights. "Russian Word" has been suspended in 1866. In the same year Blagosvetlov, together with other radical journalists, arrested (in connection with the attempt Karakozov) and spent three weeks in the fortress. Other consequences of the case for Blagosvetlov had, but still create a new journal at once was not possible for him. He struck up relations with PI Shulgin, received permission to publish a censored magazine "Delo", and gradually, with great caution, transferred its activities in this magazine, making it a natural extension of "Russian Word". Friends have not been Blagosvetlov; the only favorite was the brainchild of the magazine, to which he gave himself entirely up to his death (in November 1880). NV Shelgunov generally not without idealization lighting Blagosvetlov identity, rights, calling him a "pure product" of this era. Man is not the original ideologically, but deeply committed to what is considered a public good, Blagosvetlov steadily and consistently pursued his beliefs into practice with the help of the magazine. In the main his views, was an extreme Blagosvetlov Westerner and a sharp denier entire Russian life; without any radical populist tone, supervised by the formula: "all for the people, but nothing by the people." The political motto of his was: a free man in a free country. Like his brilliant collaborator Pisarev, Blagosvetlov was convinced "selfish", puts the common good, even at the mercy of happiness and all-round development of the individual. "Imagine a man is not led by personal selfishness in all its intentions and actions, the same as that present living being capable to breathe with no air ..." - he says in one of his articles. The same idea holds it in his article "On the Significance of the universities." Not being a writer by vocation, Blagosvetlov little helped popularize the ideas of his favorite articles are neither bright nor force. Much more significant his role as head of the magazine. He was unusually active and capable editor. The story, testifying how Blagosvetlov could guess the people and to choose their employees. When he first came Pisarev and brought to print your poetic translation, Blagosvetlov if looked at his beautiful forehead and told him: "You need to write critical articles, poems and not to engage." Blagosvetlov not only choose but also created its employees, providing them an enormous impact, making them the spokesmen of their views and tastes iperedavaya them the methods by which he carried out his ideas. Firmly established SA Vengerov fact Blagosvetlov influence not only on Zaitsev, Sokolov and other minor members of his magazines, but also in Pisarev. When the controversy broke out between Blagosvetlov Antonovich and Pisarev I sat in the fortress. He felt it necessary to stand up for Blagosvetlov. Himself this could be done, and with a letter in the "Contemporary" mother acted Pisarev. Her mouth Pisarev fervently protested against the fact that in the "Contemporary" Blagosvetlov called "stooge" of its employees. "Shame Blagosvetlov and at the same time to shield Pisarev - impossible or both honest men, or both rascals" - he said in the letter. Then it refers to the transformation under the influence of Pisarev Blagosvetlov of "undeveloped helpless boy", and, moreover, "aesthetics" in the vanguard of the radical magazine. Blagosvetlov called "a friend, a teacher and the head, which Pisarev owes its development, and in which the Council it needs to present a minute." As Blagosvetlov editor was tireless. "All the nervousness, all the great energy Blagosvetlov went into many details related to the large publication of the journal, and very often he devoted them to 16 and 18 hours a day, playing all the roles, starting with the editing and writing articles and ending with the first proofs and expedition journal But the main reserve his energy left to fight censorship: the case where the 30 sheets that make up the book, the censor left 5 - 6 ( "case" came out with a pre-censorship), belonged to the most ordinary it was necessary, therefore, always have.. left double set of articles, I had to constantly communicate to employees that such and such a fact can not be touched, as well as the main and permanent staff "to do" live either in the provinces or abroad, they constantly had to write long detailed letters "(SA Vengerov," critical-biographical dictionary of Russian writers "t. III of, p. 348). - As a person, Blagosvetlov anybody not liking aroused. He considered himself created from iron. Surrounding especially repelled him straight rudeness and overt greed. To form an unreleased them radical journals largest state, he valued the man only as long as it was needed for his purposes. After the death of Pisarev Blagosvetlov wrote with cynical indifference ". The great loss if Pisarev became old Pisarev, but if not, thank God He died for a long time as a mental figure, ie, died late last year.." (When and held Blagosvetlov break with Pisarev). Even at the funeral of a former friend, he said that it "was not necessary Pisarev and his work, his thought." Angularity Blagosvetlov personality matched the physiognomy of those magazines that he created. SA Vengerov describes it this way: "Not only were articles in one direction, but also the most manner to treat subjects was the same, trenchant, surface, naezdnicheskaya, in a word, blagosvetlovskaya" ... However, the success of blagosvetlovskih log in wide circles of the society shows that they existed a natural demand, as in the "Contemporary", satisfy more subtle and serious flavors. Insightful Blagosvetlov is aware of and accurately defined their audience. "We need to measure our society by his own yardstick, this is a great and foolish the Bambino, which is not under the power of light and honest ideas; bambino requires turnips and garlic, and his tray of different tropical plants." Together with its magazines it remains typical page in the history of the 60s. - Avg. GE Blagosvetlov, "Compositions" (SPb., 1882, with a foreword by Shelgunova NV); SA Vengerov, "critical-biographical dictionary of Russian writers and scientists" (Vol III.); NV Shelgunov, "Compositions" (Vol. I of) and "Russian Thought" (1888, number 3). E. Koltonovskaya.