Gregor Sizebock

Picture of Gregor Sizebock

Date of Birth: 1976

Age: 39

Citizenship: Australia

The desire for a new, thirst change

Fortunately, there are exceptions: Zibok Gregor (Gregor Sizeb & # 246; ck) was born in the land of Upper Austria (Ober & # 246; sterreich) in 1976. About his early life is not known, since, according to him, he began to live only in the year 2003, when the first came home with a rucksack on his back.

In front of him waiting for the whole world.

Alone, Gregor decided to travel around the world, without using ground transportation. His path led from Austria (Austria) to Portugal (Portugal), the Alps, the Andes, further along the coast of California (California), Russia, or through the wild landscapes of New Zealand (New Zealand).

`I want to show people that our continent still has a lot of discoveries, and that it is not necessary to go to distant strany` - said in an interview Zibok. However, he did not hide the fact that in the long march to endure hardship and adversity, but that feeling of victory over a completely compensate.

During travel Gregor often wondered about the concept of `granitsa` and its need, and the decision to which it came, makes you wonder: any frontier, says Zibok - is, first of all, an obstacle that put himself, and only then go to the other - the visa regime, ignorance of the language difficulties and hardships ... and when one overcomes the first, the second lost kak-to itself.

Laughing, he tells about the time when he first came out of the house and after 20 miles was ready to turn back because of the gravity of the backpack. It turned out in the way you need not so much: would wear and what-no food, travel diary and a map, and like every whim of the player can be easily replaced peniem.Samoe amazing traveling on foot - it is contact with the world, which is simply not possible when traveling by car. People recognized Gregor often come up to him and just ask about the route, called to his house and fed.

Today Zibok walked thousands of kilometers away, but stop at the same time he is not going. On the question: `What is to encourage another person to such a journey `Gregor replied thoughtfully words of Mahatma Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi):` Be thereby change that you want to bring in mir`.